25” Chainpuri & A Beautiful American Dove --- Thread Version 2.

Jun 3, 1999
Alhamdu-li-Allaah! About 9:00pm Last Friday 11/03 I received my 25” Chainpuri --- there was another parcel from HI --- I wondered what is the contain of this parcel! --- It contains a beautiful Kumar Karda --- I thought Pakcik Bill must be wrongly shipped this box to me --- I opened the envelope which contained the invoice … I found a piece of A4 with a handwriting message --- What a real surprise!

For Mohd:

From Rusty

Some pay for the HI

Ohhh … this is the one Pakcik Bill said as a small bird! All this while I thought it was a real bird … what a naïve person am I!

Alhamdu-li-(A)llaah! YES! Thank you Rusty! TERIMA KASIH! (It means thank you in Malaysian Language).

Back to the 25” Chainpuri --- made by Sanu --- it is just nice for me in term of it’s length and it’s weight --- it might be too thin for Terry or Cliff! --- it is a balance Khukuri --- a martial artist might say that it is a beautiful sword --- a Malaysian farmers might say that it is a beautiful parang --- a knife collector might say that it is a beautiful long & slender knife --- mirror shining! --- chopping sharp! --- insyaa-Allaah! in the next two weeks I plan to visit my home town --- the village where I was born --- insyaa-Allaah! I’ll test it’s effectiveness against thick long grass, shrub and small tropical trees.
  • OAL 25 ¾”.
  • Blade part: length 18 ¾”, average thickness at spine 5/16”, blade width 1” – 1 3/8”, bevel width ½” – ¾”, length of spine 19 3/8”, length of sharp edge about 18 3/8” --- it has a Pariwa-ki-aka Cho.
  • Handle part: length 7 ¼”, thickness 1 1/8”, butt width 2 ¾”.
  • Latest type of bolster, length 1 ½”.
  • Chainpuri style buttcap, thickness 3/32”.
  • Point of balance at about 5 ½” in front of bolster or about 2” before it’s shoulder.
  • Karda: length 7 5/8”, width ¾”, thickness about 1/8”, handle length 2 ¾”.
  • Chakma: length 7 5/8”, width ½”, thickness about 1/8”, handle length 2 ¾”.
  • Handles of Khuk, Karda and Chakma are made from three different type of woods --- Khuk’s handle made from a dark colour wood, karda’s handle made from a brown colour wood and chakma’s handle made from yellow colour wood.
  • Scabbard: Nicely sewn, tooled --- I washed it --- get rid of all nails --- the leather is not that good, it has rought spot here and there!
  • The weight of the Khuk is slightly more than 1 ½ lbs --- I don’t have a weighing machine --- anyhow it is heavier than my 15” AK and it is lighter than my 18” Century Model.
  • What else … wait until I really review it in the field!
I did try to bend it with my thin hands ... I hold the handle with my right hand and the tip part of the blade with my left hand, then I push it against my knee ... of course without success!

The Beautiful American Dove --- it is a Kumar Karda --- my 1st one so far --- It reminds me of James Mathis …
  • OAL 7 ¾”.
  • Blade: length 4 3/8”, thickness 1/8” – 3/16”, blade width about 11/16”, bevel width about 3/8”.
  • Handle: Chiruwa type, length 3 3/8”.
  • Scabbard: Pouko (is it the correct spelling ... I couldn't refer it from the old threads!) type --- I guess it is made by Terry, when sheathed inside it’s scabbard only ¾” of the handle appeared outside the scabbard.
  • Weight: I guess it is about the weight of CBKC!
I'll named it as The Dove ... anyhow I prefer it in Nepalese! Pakcik Bill --- what do you call Dove in Nepalese?


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Mohd, your new Chainpuri sounds super. At roughly 1 ½ lbs, it is about half the weight of my 25" Sirupati. I'll be very interested to read your field report after you visit your home town. I've always liked Chainpuris & may just have to order one after the expense of the holiday season is behind me.

What a great surprise your American Dove must have been! Well done, Rusty!
BTW, based on your description, it sounds like it is more likely a JKM-1 which was actually designed by James Mattis rather than the larger Kumar Karda. Enjoy!


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Per Bill, yours is the first of the original batch of 6. That would make it model JKM-1, batch 1, number 1 ( or at least one of the original 6 ). It should have Kumar's 6 point star mark. I haven't seen it... check with Yvsa.
I 'm drooling over here! congrats on the new blade. hope to order one myself soon after Christmas, I have to many Grandkids to spend
anything at this point, that is not for gifts
but I will zero in on a few later. ha ha
I got it bad Rusty. Peace to All my Friends

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at any age !
Greetings from the GunMan
Rusty if I recall correctly the JKM-1 has no kami marks, mine doesn't. I believe Uncle Bill said that they were made by several kamis and they didn't feel right about putting Kumar's mark on the JKM-1.

The JKM-1 is one of the nicest little knives I have seen in a long time.

And Mohd again if I recall correctly the JKM-1 is a Leuku by James's definition( I think I read where James said that, not real sure though without the other posts for reference). The correct spelling is puukko for the other Sammi style knife.
I don't know the reason for the two different names as I can't tell one from the other.


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........unknown, to me anyway........

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Of course The American Dove is having a very special place in my heart for a lot of reasons ...
  • It is a sincere gift from an American Bro.
  • ... JKM-1, batch 1, number 1 ( or at least one of the original 6 ) ...
  • ... is one of the nicest little knives I have seen in a long time ...
  • ... is a Leuku by James's definition ...
The particular moment I became aware that this Leuku is a gift ... I just hold that little beautiful knife in my hand for a few moments ... I was in awesome condition ... I said "Alhamdu-li-(A)llaah!" ... I never thought that I ... a NOBODY! ... an ASIAN! ... a MUSLIM! ... will be accepted by you all ... I remember that I shaked my head few times in disbelief ... then I smiled ... and smiled ... and murmured few phrases which I couldn't remember any more now.

Nephew Mohd many thanks for your honest and sincere response. Rusty is one of the good guys of the world and this is one of the reasons I hold him is such high esteem and asked him to sign on as a moderator on this forum.

Steven, the price of the JKM-1 is $60 delivered to your door and I have seen worse bargains.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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