Feb 22, 1999
To Mike & Spark:

I noticed the membership ticker just hit 2500. Many congratulations and I wish to offer my sincere compliments for all your efforts. Now you can shoot for adding another "0" on to the end.

Also the online magazine sounds like a good idea and best wishes with this venture. If any of the knife magazines consider this competition, remember; competition is good, competition is healthy, competition is the American way (Not meant to exclude our international BF members). If the magazines don't like it, thats really too bad. I support all of them but do not always agree with what they print either.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,
Keep up the good work Mike and Spark! This is my #1 visited site and I haven't found anything on the internet that interests me half as much. I always come back here.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Yeah, I was watching and waiting for that number to click. Didn't take too long. Good job, Mike and Spark.

With the increased membership, there are more and more posts. Hard to keep track of them. A suggestion for posters: be clear about your topic in the thread title. I frankly skip the "cutsey" or nebulous thread topics. Others may do the same. Then, of course, there may be those attracted to them.

Oh well, upward and onward.


I'm glad you made the comment about thread titles. I have been thinking about the same thing as well as those that seem to think they need to have their thread re-posted in numerous forums to garner attention, but hesitated to make any comment as I'm one of the "old-timers" around here. Might have sounded like sour grapes, elitism, or somesuch....

About a month or so ago, I had the distinction of having the most user posts followed by Cobalt. But with the growth I find that some of my writing time has been supplanted by reading... no choice. If I'm able to get on each day, the daily activity option is most helpful. If not, yikes... I've found I've missed some things that I didn't want to (inter alia: Danelle from Spyderco acknowledging a USPS letter I sent her; Rob Simonich starting his "Countdown" thread, etc.).

These laments should be taken as quite small however, for the riches of this site brought about by its growth, more than compensate for the inconveniences. As with all established sites, its best to take the time to fully explore menu options and the forum categories. This serves to obviate a great deal of confusion and facilitates better posts from newcomers.



I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

Thanks Dave and all,

This site is a passion of mine. I really have no social life and this is really it! Happy to say but I prommissed some friends and family that I will get back to a more regular life style soon.

I completely restructured WOW over the last 8 months and now I will concentrate on a few lines of knives and my commitment to the internet sites I am working on. This will now occur during the day instead of the long hours at night.

My goal is to build quality web sites for many dealers and manufacturers. Those already on board are Mission Knives, Busse, EDI, REKAT, ABC-Direct and several other sites not related to WOW or BladeForums.

The success of BladeForums is really just a simple plan. Give the people the content they want and an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable. Just like a friendly neighborhood bar like Cheers!

So thanks for the complement and as always this site is what you guys make of it.

I will provide the bar and you guys can help provide the good times.

And David,

Do you have anymore of that OutDoor Edge Beer?

Really guys, no joke, he actually had OutDoor Edge beer at a show a couple years ago. I still have a couple which I will keep forever!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Yes Mike, there is a small stash of "Outdoor Edge 10th Anniversay Collectors Ale" saved for special friends and special occasions. Probably not a good idea to post this info though. Oh well too late.