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3.25" or smaller fixed "tactical"


Oct 12, 1998
I am looking for the "right" knife for a new shoulder holster/sheath design. I want a blade shorter than 3.25 inches and a fixed blade. I don't want to spend more than $150. This knife will be carried for defense purposes.
You can see a very rough sketch of the holster at:

I am open to suggestions and would appreciate your thoughts.

First knife I think of is the small Bud Nealy's(Pesh Kabz, I think is the name), but I think they are slightly over $150.00. Then Mark Boyer's knives come to mind. He also makes a very nice knife. Here is his web page: www.eskimo.com/~boyerbl
I saw a Bill Maynard knife recently that might work for ya. A picture of its at www.edgy-tools.com. Hope this helps.
Check the Cetan Tacticals from Rob Simonich..
he has a Tanto, Drop-point and hawkbill. Damn fine blades.