3.5" XM-18 Flat Handle Screws **FOR SALE**

Nov 16, 2009
Since I've received about 60 PM's I thought I better post these before you guys riot!

A set is $12 + $2 for First Class Mail or $6 for Priority Mail - International mailing $15

For those of you that use PayPal you can simply send a Payment to; rhind64@earthlink.net Please list 3.5" Screws in the notes section of the payment. For those that don't use PayPal, shoot me a PM.

These are a direct replacement for all generations of 3.5" XM-18's. They also use the same 5/64" Hex

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i'll take the beadblasted orange flipper!!!

the new screws really look great!! Great job guys!!!
well.. Rob always does the unexpected...
so.. i will keep my fingers crossed.
A few flipper XM-24s would be nice. ;)
Maybe sometime this weekend.

I'd even take one with the translucent green scale. :eek:

Thanks Rob! :thumbup:

Maybe I can buy a Hinderer a piece at a time? The screws are
a good place to start.......
oh ya Rob!!!
Do it!!!! you know you are itching to do so..
just hope i can snatch it in time... give me a xm-24!!!!!!
Thanks Rob!!!!

BTW, if I do win one can I also get a green scale? :D JK, really. I like the orange and ACU camo much better. :)

Are these screws still available, or do I just contact Rick Hinderer for aftermarket screws/scales/spare parts?