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3 BLD Folder

Nov 16, 1998
I saw an add somewhere and don't remember now where I saw it at about a 3 blade stockman with ATS-34 or BG 42 steel blades.
The size was 4" - 4.25" closed.

What manufacture or maker has these? I would like a few of these if they are for real!

Hopefully a 3 blade pocket knife with high quality steel is out there now. Not the typical 440A or carbon steel that most stockmans are made of with their blades.



Sounds like a custom made knife. I can't remember, but it seems like there was a picture of one in "Blade" sometime in the last couple of months. I think. Maybe someone else will have better information.
They do this type and there very good.

Prices for these guys start at $500-$600.
The best 3 bladed stockman that is made (production) is the Boker #4474 with the stag handles. It supports 440C steel blades, which in my opinion is a tad better than ATS-34. Stays sharp just as long, maybe even longer than ATS-34 steel but yet is not quite as brittle as ATS-34 is. As far as BG42 steel, haven't used it long enough to tell or not.

To get a knife of this calliper with ATS-34 or BG42, you have to go to a custom knife maker. Like mentioned above, the cost will be much higher. The Boker retails for $110.00. Custom ones, $ 300.00 and up. Worth it? Only you can make that call!

One thing you are right about, though, most of these types of knives are made with 440A, carbon steels, or low grade stainless steels. This Boker stockman is the only one I know of that has a high grade steel...440C.

Thanks...got that one! You are right, the 440 C makes this the best 3BLD knife (stockman) that I am aware of, too. Speaking from production knives, of course!

The add I saw though describing the ATS-34 steel on this kind of a knife, I don't think was really a custom knife, though. What the heck, I should have kept that add !!!