3 hunting knives - need help

Oct 28, 2005
I saw the Buck Alpha Hunter - fixed blade, ATS - 34. Seems competitively priced, looks great. How does it stack up against Bark River and Fallkniven?
Jun 7, 2000
Dunno about the Alpha hunter, but you can't go wrong with the other two.
I have a FAllkniven F1 and a BRKT highland Special and no complaints with either.
Feb 7, 2005
I have an Alpha Hunter, my Fallknivens and (specially) my Barkies will outperform it.

I like the design but there are a few things I'm not happy about. First of all, let me say that the ATS-34 blade rocks. Even though it's a thick knife it gets scary sharp and stays that way, ATS-34 with Paul Bos heat treat is definitely a winning combo.

I don't like the sheath at all, not only is it ugly, IMHO poorly designed, but it uses a kind of "plastified" leather that just feels wrong. I made a proper leather sheath for mine.

Then there's the handle issues. The wood scales are very hand filling, but the exposed full tang has sharp corners that dig into my hands in different grips, the serrations near the pommel are just evil. Because of the handle shape, you can't use it comfortably in many positions, the regular "sabre" grip is REALLY comfortable, but the handle doesn't leave room to much variation.

I bought it to use it on hunting trips, but also on SAR operations, because I've found that a short but very strong fixed blade works perfectly for me. I was planning on taking it to a local knife maker and have him round the edges in the handle, but since I use it so little (my Bark River Mountaineer has taken over) I don't think it's worth the trouble.