3" Impulse - First Impressions:

Aug 3, 1999
I picked up the 3" version of the Darrel Ralph Impulse from Edge Tech/Outdoor Edge, today. Not being a fan of the ubiquitous "big-assed folders", I was eagerly awaiting this one. I'm sure you have all seen the larger version and know how striking it is. Let it be said that the little one does not disappoint!

This knife is very light and suprisingly more ergonomic in my hand that its size might indicate. I can take a full grip on it and get good purchase with my thumb atop the blade. The handle is pretty slim, and the integrated pocket-clip does not interfere with the ideal grip whatsoever. I wanted a pocket knife, but this clip is so unobtrusive that I don't mind clipping it at the top of my pants pocket at all. Did I mention that this knife is lightweight? One can easily forget he is even carrying one of these.

The blade is very dramatic looking and I know you've seen it but it is also very well balanced in this smaller package. The blade design is very well conceived and it functions like a natural extension of my hand. At 3.3" inches with Darrel's signature recurved-edge, there is plenty of cutting edge here for a small utility folder.

Out of the box and through about 250 cycles so far, this little folder works very well. It locks with a very satisfying click, and opens and closes very easily. Upon close inspection I found that the lock bar seats precisely in the center of the blade. Locked open, there is no vertical or horizontal play whatsoever - no matter how hard I wrench it. And this is a production knife!

This is my first knife with a Sandvik 12c27 blade and I found that it sharpens easily enough for me, and I expect the edge will last, too. Which brings me to the initial results of my own "performance testing":

I wanted to do one of those "realistic" and typical "hard use" tests like in the glossy magazines, but I couldn't find any car doors that really deserved stabbing. Having never been attacked by a hanging hemp-rope, I resigned myself to testing it on things a pocket knife might actually be used for. Yep, it opens cardboard boxes, slices cheese, cuts down saplings, shaves kindling, and even cuts beer cans right in half!

This is a very well designed and well made knife with a lot of quality in it for the price. I intend to carry it around a good deal, so I may still let you know about any car door, hemp rope, or Bengal tiger encounters it survives with me!

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