3 inches of awesomness (Update)

Sep 26, 2012
Got one after a few years of debating and waiting for the right one and I'm glad I did. Feels so good in the hand and fits nicely in the pocket. Ive noticed that my other knives have taken a back seat to this little guy. Still got love for my HD-7 and Dauntless but for goodness sakes. The only thing is I went to take the LBS off and stripped it, they must put some gnarly locktite in there. Still working on that though.
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Congrats. Three inch is a great size. What blade did you get?
Picked up a slicer with translucent green scales. I will take a picture when the blue ti LBS comes in. Who knows why the LBS screw was tight like that, Ill find out shortly though once I'm able to back it out. First time stripping a screw and it happens on my first Hinderer...awesome. Pretty sweet little blade though. Already planning my next acquisition.
The new LBS should come with a new screw at least.
They can become addicting. Waiting to see what new 3" blade format will be coming in future. Not sure if they will do a 3" Bowie. Maybe a tanto?

Here she is...

Might be a "He" (look under the pivot screw) :) Nice Knife Congrats!! Scale is a personal Favorite.
Lol. Didn't think about that. Yeah I love that scale color. I'm already pondering about how I "need" a 3.5, but really interested to see if he brings any other blade shapes to the 3 inch.