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3 Snakes

Discussion in 'The Gallery' started by Renwa, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Renwa

    Renwa Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    This took me 32 hours to Carve and Engrave. 22 inches overall. Weighs in at just under 1500 grams 3.3 pounds.
    Fair to say you would not use it, but if you could swing it you could. My biggest project to date.
    Was my 500th knife so a milestone. The knife of 3,000 dots thats about how many individual engraving marks there are.

    Anyone else Engrave Blades???????????? love to talk and learn more.
    I am starting to think maybe I am the only one that does this style of Blade Art???

    The Dreamtime Story of 3 Snakes

    Way back in the Dreaming time their was only 2 snakes, Mother and Father Waggle or the Rainbow Serpents. They are responsible for all the Rivers, Creeks, Lakes and water ways, as they traveled around the Earth they left there indentations as they went, these willed with water when the Rain Spirit did her job and all the water ways were formed.

    After they had traveled which was Millennium they came to rest in the South West Of Western Australia. They mated and Mother Waggle laid her Eggs. Her Eggs needed water to stay cool so her young could hatch and they created a big lake. Once she had finished laying her Eggs she asked the Spirit of Water and Rain to Rain down and fill the lake which she did. But Sun who had argued with the Waggles many times about allowing water to go to places that he had baked dry got angry and was worried that more Waggles would make more Rivers and lakes so he shone as hot as he could and soaked up the water.

    Rain kept dropping more water but Sun just Soaked it up and in the end she ran out of water and could help no more. (This was the first Drought on Earth) There was nothing the Mother Waggle could do and she stayed out in the Sun trying to protect her Eggs. She gave all her fluids to help keep them cool and eventually the Sun baked her Dry and she died. Now Father waggle had been up North and came back to find his beloved Mother waggle dead and all the Eggs baked hard and dry.

    He got so angry and yelled at Sun and Sun got Angrier and Shone even hotter. Father waggle was so big that he could not hide from the angry Sun and he decided the only way to stay alive and to guarantee their would be more Waggles was to bite himself in to 3 smaller pieces. He did this and formed 3 Snakes, One Daughter and One Son and him self. As they were all now smaller they could hide from Sun which they did and they let themselves heal. Each one Healed differently and there tails where all different shapes and sizes.

    Now the two child Snakes mated and produced baby's, who mated and produced even more baby's, they were now to small to make rivers and lakes but could hide from Sun if they needed to. They found though that hiding from Sun made them Cold so over time the changed color and shape and they could sneak out and hide on a rock to warm up. To this day Snakes have different shaped Tails and Colours, they live in warm places rather than cold. You can see the waggles Eggs, we call them the Thrombolites and they still exist just South of Perth in the South west of Western Australia, they are the oldest know organism on Earth.

    Dave has done the father waggle as the main Snake and there is on the top spline a Snake running all the way up to the massive Hilt which represent 2 Snakes (the children). The Right face shows the Father waggle biting himself in to 3 pieces and the Left Face shows his 2 children, one is hiding in a cave the other is in the baking Sun screaming at Sun.

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