3 WW II models

Mar 9, 1999
For you history buffs here are the 3 most common types of kukris used during WW II.

The Mk II which is based on the WW I model, the sought after M43 with the integrated bolster and the K45 which a lot of future Indian tourist pieces are based on. This last model can be found in two types: a great, well made ground blade and a flat, soft blade. The grip is always a crude but solid affair. This is the model most pawned off as an "old" knife. Many even have WW I markings on them to prove their provenance. Caveat emptor!


I think this can go in the "things they never taught me in public school" file (quite a huge file).

Very cool, John. Thanks for schooling me.

I look forward to the next lesson!
Yeah, I would like a M-43, don't know of any khukuri buff who wouldn't.
I was gonna say anyone in their right mind, but knowing how we all are here.......



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And how is that, bro?

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Oh my! All those blades standing to salute! Very suggestive, don't you think???
I have to get me one of those cool hats... are they akin to Scottish tartans in that the colors/patterns are unique to a clan or family line?

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That picture reminds me of US military weddings where the bride and groom walk between two lines of men with drawn swords touching overhead.


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