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3HP Rotary Phase Converter, Single phase to 3 Phase

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Dec 20, 2005
Here's a brand new Temco 3 HP (Model XR2) Rotary phase converter, which was never used:





Five Year Warranty
100% American Made
100% Copper Windings (Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly)
Quiet Operation, 63db @ 10ft (No Louder Than Human Conversation)
208-240v Operation
Rugged Heavy Duty Rotary Design
True Sine Wave Output
Unitized Design for Easy Installation

If you're not sure how phase converters work -it basically takes a 220V single phase input (such as a dryer outlet) and converts it into 3 phase 220V -which is what most industrial machines use these days -such as a large mill eg. Bridgeport.

Purchased it a few weeks ago to power a milling machine, however, decided to go single phase instead and Temco doesn't allow returns without a 20% restocking fee + I'd have to pay for the original shipping to me and back to them. So I'm offering it for sale here at a discounted $225 + $50 for shipping.

Goes to the first "I'll take it."

Thanks for looking. :thumbup:
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Fantastic deal! Wish I needed one.