3M Diamond Stones... any good?

Mar 25, 1999
Just surfing the internet the other night and came across The Japan Woodworker site: www.japanwoodworker.com . I saw some 3M diamond stones there, very interesting because some come in sheet format (with adhesive backing).

Anybody has any experience with these? How do they stack up against EZ-Laps and DMTs?


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Drop Ben Dale (of the Edge Pro Apex sharpening system) an email, I think he has used them.

I e-mailed him a while ago, asking about some possibilities of using diamond stones in his Apex system. He suggested that I use EZ-Lap stones as they make the same size as the stones used in his systems (1 X 6 X 1/8). But I'll ask him anyway.

I'm interested in the 3M products because that way I could cut my own size, at a lower price too.

I have discussed it with him as well and I think he mentioned that he had tried 3M products.