3rd folder done

Jan 20, 2000
4.5" ATS-34 bladed lefty, ti liners and CF scales :)


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:eek: That's great! I really like the blade to handle ratio; that's a wicked looking muther!!! Are you still working at the Opera House or have you gone to knifemaking full-time?!? Keep up the fine work you're doing on your projects......:D
Hey Dudley, I'm still fulltime at the House and making knives in my spare time...thanks for the comments, keep yer eyes peeled as more are on the way :)
Wow Ferret, that is one wicked looking folder!!! Wish you'd post some more pictures of it from different angles. Thats kind of a new version of the Wharncliffe blade, very nice! You should send that design to some factories, I bet they'd grab it up.
Now that is a BLADE alrighty!
You up and coming guys go right at it don't ya!

That looks like a knife that could do some hard

Nice Ferret good lines, lose the clip and you'll
be there...;)

Holy Sh!t !!!
Ferret, you made that !? :eek: :eek:

That knife is right up my alley, large hawkbill type blades a la, Ryan, W.Thomas, Weiland !!!

Let's see some more pictures, liner, close ups, etc...
C'mon don't leave us hangin !!!!!

I would like to see some more pictures as well. That looks like it could be a very nice knife, but the picture does not do it justice. Let's see it from some other angles.
Sorry guys, I've been goofing off (read: making knives), here's a pic of the knife closed, showing the non-clip side. This is my daily carry and the blade shape is muy effective and the handle is extremely comfortable...thanks for the kind words :)


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and here's a clipless scan for G2 :)


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I want one! When ya goin' to make a double-action auto version...........;)