3V bend test.

Oct 16, 1998
Well I tried to bend to failure but at 120 degrees and 150 foot pounds I stopped as I knew
it was going to be a big snap.
I didn’t want a small steel explosion in my shop.
go here to see the blade.
blade hardness 60RC
1.5” in the vice and 2” in the bending clamp.
blade length 11 3/4”
width 1.5”
you cant see it in the pic but it is a strait clip point.
Could it be your link doesn't work? I get the frame but not the picture.
Here is the pic (I think) :


Wow, good test Ed, I am now glad you screwed up and sent me two pieces instead of one of the 3-V!
That is impressive, and I know how the little beads of sweat start to pop out when you are thinking that you may have to duck a flying knife, scary to say the least!

During this kind of test, would it work to wrap the blade (after putting it in the vice) with several layers of some strong fabric? My thought is that the fabric would contain any bits of flying metal if/when it finally fails.
How does this bending test compare to A2 steel. Is this 3v stronger than A2

thanks and take care

From the limited data I have, 3V is much tougher in this regard then A-2 when both steels are properly heat treated. Considering how much I love A-2, this steel sounds like a good contender for a new acquisition in a good working knife.

What custom maker's are currently using this steel that can deliver a knife in under 12 months?