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4 Amazing Kiridashis - Excellent EDC knives!

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Apr 20, 2005
Offering 4 amazing kiridashis all made out of high carbon 15n20.

The first two are 5.25" overall, with a blade of 1.75". The other two are 5" overall with a blade of 1.75".

Their thickness is 0.63". All are double ground with zero edge. HAIR SPLITTING SHARP!

Their handles are all satin cord wrapping that is sealed with epoxy to keep it from ever unwrapping.

Their sheath is Kydex made for neck carry. It can also tied to gear with cord or, zipties.

Each one will make an excellent EDC knife. Their weight is next to nothing! You won't even know you are carrying any of these knives until the moment you will need it.

Price on each one is $45 including shipping with tracking number anywhere in the U.S., as well as, paypal fees.




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