420V (aka S90V) corrosion resistance

Aug 11, 1999
Has anyone experienced any rusting (or other corrosion) with 420V? According to Crucible's info, it is virtually equivalent to good ole 440C against salt spray. Am curious if there are any "real world" or real-use cases of corrosion and, if so, under what circumstances.

420v is supposed to be one of the best corrosion resistant steel out there. One knife I made was in the back of a hunters pickup and the cooler fell over on it soaking it with ice water. 2 weeks later he cleans out the back of his truck and there it is with a swollen mammoth ivory grip, tarnished engraved nickel silver bolster and rivets, still soaking wet rattlesnake inlayed custom leather sheath but the blade? It looks as shiney as chrome! No sign of rust. Bruce B
Thanks for the good story, Bruce. Very nice to hear that the blade survived, but that customs sheath and mammoth ivory grip -- OUCH!

I tested one of my neck knives from 420V with a bead blasted surface, wearing it in a Kydex sheath under a T-Shirt. In a very short time (a week or so) the blade developed surface rusting inside the holes in the skelitonized (sp?) grip. There was no evidence of pitting however.

Kevin, maybe you've got some kind of strange sweat?? D:

No really, but was the grip hardened like the blade? If so, that's strange. If not, it's normal, because unhardened high-chromium steels are NOT stainless.

Kevin, you are completely right. Anyway there may have been a problem with the heat treating of the grip. Or these drilled holes had a rougher surface than the blade which may lead to intercrystalline corrosion a lot faster.