43 inch Khukuris

Jul 24, 2001
Here's pics of my latest purchase. This is a 43 inch Khukuri, the kind they use for chopping off ox heads with one blow. My parents have been living in Katmandu for several years and custom ordered this monster for me. It was made by Khukuri House in Katmandu, the outfit that makes the Kuks for the military. According to my mom they're the only shop in town that will not lower their prices if you haggle with them. In the rest of the shops you can pick up regular Kuks for $4 or $5 American.

Anyhow, here it is all polished and waxed. For a sense of scale the knife below it is a 15 inch Sirupate.


That is one fine blade! congrats! Khukuri House is the supplier for Ghurka House, bye the way. I've ordered direct from them in the past, but the shipping cost is brutal! I've decided in future to let Craig have all the hassle, and just buy from him.:D ;)
Yeah, my shipping cost was pretty brutal too, price of two round trip plane tickets from Baltimore :eek:

It was worth it though, Katmandu is a pretty neat city.
Kuklover, thank you for the good pix and info. The Sirupati was a good comparison, and isn't too far from being a karda for the mondo khukuri. The engraving also is very appealing.