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440v SE millie for box cutter?


Mar 16, 2005
i`m getting a used one of these , was thinking of using it for a cardboard saw at work . any thoughts?
It should work just fine. Some people seem to have trouble sharpening 440V, and some (me included) have a hard time sharpening serrations, so sharpening a serrated 440V blade could be a problem. Worst case, you may have to send it in to have the experts put a new edge on it.
I personally really like 440V steel. I haven't had any problems sharpening it on my Lil Temp. If you're looking to sharpen serrations I still really like the Sharpmaker, if you don't have one already. 440V, in my experience, is a lot more resistant against corrosion that S30V, is a little easier to touch up (don't let it get too dull though), and has pretty good edge retention.
I used to have a User 440V Military and I traded it off to another Forum member and I sure wish I had it back :eek: . But I have gotten me a 440V SE Native since and it works pretty well for roughhouse work.

Another thing to consider is that serrations if sharpened properly don't need to be sharpened nearly as often as plain edged blades do. Now I will warn you that 440V is some of the hardest blade steel to sharpen that I've ever run into. And I consider myself pretty decent at the art of sharpening.

But you have 3 things going for that knife> #1 ~~ it's a GOLDEN COLORADo made Spyder. #2~~ 440V is a CPM blade steel and is head and shoulders better than other 400 series blade steels ( the real name for 440V is S-60V). #3 ~~ the Military model is a very versatile all around blade and will be very useful for many more chores other than opening boxes. Good LUCK
i`m also getting a user 440v SE native . the prices on these two users were too good to pass up , getting them in a lot of 6 that also includes ; an fb02 , toad , copilot , and an OD ladybug
Best way I have found to sharpen the SE is with a round white crock stick.It is the perfect size for the SE that Spyderco uses.Sharpen each seration one at a time and do not let it get dull between touch ups.