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525 Thickness Pic Request.

Jan 21, 2006

I have been considering buying a bm525. The only thing holding me back is that it seems the handle might be a little thicker than I want. My other option is a 707 which i know is quite a steam line knife.

If anyone could snap me a pic or 2 of the 525 showing its thickness I would appreciate it more than you would know. I don't have a local knife store so I have to rely on the internet and hope when I order.

I have a 525 and consider it one of my smaller knives. I can post pics later (it's at home right now.)

I can wear it comfortable in dress slacks as well.
If noone beats me to it I'll get some pics in the morning (about 14 hours from now)

What knives do you have that I can take comparison pics next to?
Thanks for the replys,

I own a BM 960, 943, a sog mini xray, and a spyderco delica and centofante 3.

I am more concerned with thickness as I hate carrying large bulky things in my pocket.

Thanks again for the info.
I have a 943 and a Delica, so I'll take some pics with those.

Is your Delica the new type or the older unlined version?
I only have the older Delica, so here's the 525 with a 943:

I recommend the 525, it's a great knife :thumbup: . People say that the ridged scales are tough on pockets, but I carry mine in a belt pouch to it's not an issue for me.
The 525 isn't uber thick , it is however well shaped and grippy . Works very well i n a gloved hand . It's actually more comfortable in the hand than the 707 .

Thanks again for the pics, i really appreciate it.
I just went ahead and ordered the knife from sooner state knives, the pictures made me salivate for it haha. I am a little concerned about pocket wear but I guess i will deal with it...maybe jsut grind down the scale where the clip comes in contact with it, I will see how it goes.

Anyway, thank you again I really appreciate the time you took to take the pics, it made my decision alot easier.