64,000 $ Question

I was lying in bed last night reading the latest issue of Tactical Knives (sad but true) saw the Spyderco Millitary advert on the back cover and said to the wife:

This is what I want for Christmas.

She looked at the advert and then asked:

Why do you need another one?

Perhaps it was the late hour but I was a bit stumped for a reply, I only lamely came out with, well i use all my others at some time or another.

I need a good reason (well I dont but she does) HELP ME OUT

Not that anyone needs to justify why they want things...however, here you go:

" Honey, I don't need, I want it. It would make me happy."

Need justification seems to come into play when something is either very expensive or has a decreased socially acceptable value. Bet you get lots of un-needed ties, shirts and pants though.

"quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"



A better approach is get the knife and then say, "Gee, dear, look what I found!" The worst that can happen is that you don't die after the torture session!

Ron Ruppé

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My wife is somewhat confiscatory. I had better make sure that I have something for her, when I get something for me, at least as good as, if not better than, what I got.

The best idea I have is to get her one, as well, so that you have a matching set, or get her a smaller version.

This all presupposes that she likes knives. If not, then I would recommend a trip to the jewelry store. Give her the present, and tell her that you got it because she'd like it, not because she'd need it.

I thought this thread was about how to convince someone else to get you a knife for Christmas, not buying it for yourself and then justifying it.
"My first one is lonely. I thought it could use another one to keep it company."

For an extra touch add the following, "Just like the way I like to keep you company."

Assuming you currently have only one Military that is. Woah, easy with the gag reflexes folks.

If your wife is anything like my girlfriend, simply tell her you need another knife for the same reason she needs that 150th pair of shoes.

Jeezz, This thread cuts way too close to home. Almost glad I'm not alone in this.

Shoes, Candles, Clothes, New Outfit for Every Occasion, Gifts for my In-laws, I don’t say a thing. But let me get caught with another knife…In the Dog House again.

Take Care,

Maybe you should have said "honey let's do it again " Then she may not care what kind of knife you get !
Tell her the truth. Your knives are tools for enhancing and preserving life, thus your spiritual quest for perfection demands that you find the perfect knife. What if your wife and family, god forbid, should find themselves depending on you and your knife for survival? You are only thinking of the safety of your family.

And...of course once you find the perfect knife, you won't have to buy any more. That will give her the idea that this hunger for knives is not unlimited, that there is an end that will be reached sooner if you are allowed to acquire more knives faster.


OH, I like that one Steve ! It has the ring of sincerity, yet leaves a hole big enough to drive a truck through(filled with future purchases). Of course, there may actually BE a day when we find the perfect knife; I'd like to be a fly on the wall and see all of our expressions as it hits us; pleasure fading into bewilderment as we contemplate which hobby to pursue next.
Well, since I am a woman and it would be my hubby who would be asking me that question, I would reply by saying "baby, do you think I'm fat?" and I would follow that up with "Do you love me?" For the final blow, I would say "Do you think I'm as pretty as Pamela Anderson?"

By then if he's not running screaming from the room, he'll be so befuddled trying to figure out the correct answers that he'll forget he even asked me such a silly question in the first place.

Antonella Giordano

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This is Toni, the English Lit. major, wife of James the Obsessive. Shakespeare said it best:

(King Lear's ungrateful daughter has told him he doesn't need to many knights on retainer.)
Lear. O reason not the need: our basest Beggers
Are in the poorest thing superfluous.
Allow not Nature, more then Nature needs:
Mans life is cheape as Beastes.

This doesn't mean that I agree that Jim needs any more knives; it means that the psychology behind this has been known for a long, long time.

- Toni

I guess I'm very lucky. My wife has never asked me why I need another one. She understands that I DON'T NEED another one - I just WANT it.

I don't sit in a bar all day, every day, don't buy expensive cars, etc. I collect knives. That is reason enough.

Tell her the same thing, "I don't need it, I want it because I enjoy collecting knives." If she has a problem with that, maybe you could trade her for a good knife, which may not understand you, but will likely give you less grief

I recently got married and one of the prerequisists(sp?) was that we have mutal hoppies. Edorse one of hers and she'll have to back you up. Also, always stay one step ahead of her in the gift giving department. It's working out great for me. Uh..., darn, gotta go my wife is coming. See Ya
Mywife has never asked me that question.She just knows Im nuts and there is no rational behind by bizzare behavior. Im blessed with a GREAT woman who only has lack of insight into this one area. Well maybe two (MY COMPUTER)
I too married a really great woman!
I say...oh wow, I want that!
She says...ok save your money.
Then she even gives me money to save with


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