I understand that, like it or not, Survive probably have to prioritize some recent orders for cash flow reasons. But what I don’t understand is the continual highly questionable information updates. As you say, we’ve been told that 7/7s have been shipping for more than half a year, but where are they? Not with any bladeforums members, it seems.

Amen brother. Amen.
Ten months of "shipping" makes me want to ask many questions. In April, it will be three years since order inception, and I feel like greater First Friday Update detail is a reasonable expectation. I am still waiting on a reply from Jordyn about more specific shipping windows for my specific orders, and I will post them in the "First Friday" thread if/when I receive it.
Survive used to give more detailed shipping windows, but that made their customers mad for two reasons, once because didn't have their knife and twice because the delivery estimate that they gave was inaccurate. This caused them to become more vague about delivery estimates, which at the time was an improvement because at least they were no longer making bad guesses about delivery dates.
Obviously the ideal situation would be to fill orders more quickly and when they said they would, but they haven't gotten there yet. :(
I'm much less than impressed with the news from the shop over the last couple of months but I am very happy to see more of these 7/7's getting released into the wild. I was really happy to get my F2 7/7 then I felt like an asshat posting pics of it while so many others were waiting for theirs. I think you guys are going to flip your shit when you see how badass these knives are, can't wait to hear what you think.
I hear what you are saying Grog, but I don't need News From The Shop, I need Shipping Notices. :)
I was a late entry into the 7/7 orders so I'll be waiting a good long time, but I'm encouraged that others are receiving theirs. :thumbsup:
Just got a shipping notice today for my 7/7 F2 ordered February of this year.

That makes two knives both ordered this year and delivered this year, so S!K is definitely getting knives out to some of us lucky folks!

The other knife was a F2 4.1 (took about 180 days) which is completely flawless, so I have high hopes for the 7/7 when I get it.

Thanks @SURVIVE! Ellie and Guy for making such fabulous knives!
So, what I'm reading is, if you want to get a Survive Knife in anything resembling a reasonable time frame, you need to order a factory 2nd. Maybe there is a hint in there somewhere? for the manufacturer perhaps?
So, what I'm reading is, if you want to get a Survive Knife in anything resembling a reasonable time frame, you need to order a factory 2nd.
The idea of completing seconds before completing all the firsts in a given model run makes no sense, unless your goal is to alienate all your customers who pre-ordered in good faith.