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>>> 7" Test results are in! <<<

Thanks for the reviews Mike. Although not all models in the tests had the same blade finish, which model held up best in this department? Specifically the (black) coated ones.

Excellent work, Mike!

Thanks for the effort. Now I'm looking forward to the 9" Tests.

It's interesting to me the extreme amount of value the KaBar provides at it's price point; I own all of these blades except for the Camillus and the UC - love every one of 'em in it's own way, but the KaBar is consistently my 'beater' blade. Cuts well, takes an edge, and I don't worry about putting dings in my $50 slab o' steel.

Thanks again!
Great review! I may be a little slow here, but I didn't realize there was any connection between Cold Steel and Camillus. How did this come about?


Thanks for the great test and excelent info. I've learned more here about knives than ever dreamed possible. Now I'm chomping at the bit wating to find out how the #9 does in your upcomming test!!!

I take it Camillus bulids Cold Steel?????
Great info.

I'm surprised the MD chipped during chopping. Did you twist the blade to remove more wood during chopping? My MD ATAK2 did not chip doing any wood chopping. It did chip if I twisted the blade while it was imbedded in wood. The MD does chip when struck against soft iron.

The number of chops are closer to what I get. This is reassuring as I thought that I just sucked at chopping and took more whacks than most others.



Thanks for a great test. I've been telling people how great the Fallkniven's are for over a year now but as you know, nobody believes the distributor. Thanks to independent tests like yours and Cliff's the word is getting out.

BTW Kydex sheaths should be available before the year is out.

Good work Mike!

I'm familiar with the Recon Scout and the KaBar.

Your points seem to be right on except I have never had any trouble with blisters on the Recon Scout. In fact, the reason I got it is due to the good chopping performance you mention. For me the handle is real comfortable, and the texture has worn much smoother from use.

The handles I find uncomfortable for choppong are on the Ontario Spec Plus series - that pinky hook on the handle will raise a blister.

Thanks for your hard work and write up with the very useful boxes/charts.
WOW, what a test!

I am happy there is someone so addicted to knives to take so big effort to make these tests!

Only one thing: there was the idea to test a Battle Mistress against a Trailmaster and some other knives. Is this test already made and I missed it or it will be the next test about 9" blades?

I have seen an A.T.A.K. used to chop open the roof of a car,and the blade was undamaged!In fact still very sharp!So I will believe what I have seen with my own eyes.
In the A.T.A.K. versus the Jaws of life demonstration the A.T.A.K. won.Mad Dog's are completely hand made in America,that is worth the extra cost in my book.When comparing knives on cost please concider where and how they are made.
Life is to short to waste with ugly women and cheap tools!
Great test.

Must admit the responses border on matching the fun.

Some really emotional responses from those who have seen their first choice wiped out by what they consider "lesser blades".

Just a few comments in general ......

I have also had my MD ATAK chipping under heavy chopping use. Nothing serious but that blade is hard to repair at 62 Rc.

Enough said on the INFI ..... I am no longer alone on this one.

As for the emotional responses ....this was a subjective test carried out as equally as possible. Study the results and make your own mind up. This is not the test to end all tests so RELAX !!!!


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