70's Gerber Mk1

Jan 1, 2006
I went through a Gerber phase when I was in HS.

I bought a MK1 in 1974 or so, and a Shorty about the same time.

I also bought one of the really slim folders (folding sportsman II) they had at the time and had the brass engraved with my initials and scroll work. I wouldn't part with it or the Shorty for anything.

I have done a little looking on Ebay and with google, and with the search feature on this forum, but I haven't turned up much.

The question is- is there much collector interest in the Mk1 (essentially mint) from that era? Most of the crap I purchased in those days was destined to remain crap, but it would be interesting if it was considered collectable.
Mar 15, 2005
The '70's and '80's Gerbers were a high point in performance for them,was wondering why you thought they were crap.Sadly,that was about it for Gerber as after,IIRC,1991?
After that,they went to lesser steels,offshore factories.
Not to mention what they did to Kit Carson,read EVO.
Just picked up a MK-II to complete a collection.
Better Gerber men than I,let me know if I got anything wrong. :)


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Jan 14, 2001

My wife collects early 70's Gerber MK I's, and MKII's & First Folding Hunters from the late '60's/early '70's...

She doesn't usually have a hard time finding them 'mint' for between $100 (MK I's) & $300 (MK II's & FFH's)...

There are a fair number of nuances that define the MK I's for the first 10 years of production; some of these nuances make the knife a little more valuable than a similar appearing knife...

If ya ever want to let her go (to a good home), please keep us in mind...

As far as real collector interest on the MK I's, we haven't found anyone yet other than ourselves that has more than a few of 'em...