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710 for me too

May 12, 2001

Welcome to the club. I really like the 710 in HS and own one too. The lock up will remain tight and you will continue to be dismayed as the edge holds up quite well and is put right with just steeling or stropping. Unless grossly hacking through tough stuff, you may not need to do more than touch up the blade.

Have fun with it. Consider getting an AFCK in M2 steel so that you can see Benchmade cranks out at least one other good knife.

For a smaller model, consider the Sebenza.

The 710 is one of my most solid feeling folders. The Axis lock is great and I like the 4" blade. I did have one interesting problem which you evidently did not have. When I got the knife it was really quite dull. Mine is ATS34. It took an edge, with some work, and has been fine ever since.

I am always curious how modern machine produced production knives can vary so much in an important area such as sharpness.
jayharley, the answer to your question is simple: Benchmade sharpens by hand.
Like Schmackey said, BM does sharpen by hand. However, I would add so does Chris Reeve Knives. Per conversation with CR, it takes two years to train one of the craftsmen to sharpen properly.

My Sebenza is pretty darn sharp. The M2 blade on the 710 came very sharp also. Maybe it is me, but the M2 steel edge felt slightly more coarse and the edge bit into the skin on my thumb more than the CRK.

Anyway, I really like the regular steel on the 710 too. Have an Osborne with the same.

For the moment, and forseeable future, the 710HS will keep me from getting the large Seb. That is how much I like the knife.
Originally posted by Geode
Consider getting an AFCK in M2 steel so that you can see Benchmade cranks out at least one other good knife.

Had an M2 AFCK. It was Ok after I sent it back to the factory to get right what was let out of the factory. I liked the ergos and blade shape of the AFCK, but I'm just not a big liner lock fan when there is an option.