72" contact wheel

Mark Williams

Nov 28, 2000
Has anyone ever seen a grinder with the contact wheel the same size as the sandpaper. Would this be possible?It sure would make a beautiful grind.I guess the problem would be on how to make the paper stay in place. just a thought
I know a guy in Texas that uses an 8.70x15 tire and wheel for his contact wheel.Has his belts custom made.Uses it to grind very large display knives for a cutlery chain,from wood.It would take a large diameter motor shaft to handle a 72"wheel,to say nothing of horsepower.Just my thoughts.

Hi Mike, Is this guys setup a one wheel rig or is the paper running to a separate wheel/
That's along the same idea as the Cone-lock wheels. Have you ever seen one? It basically holds paper wrapped around itself.

The old grinding rooms powered by water-wheels used HUGE stone wheels. I've seen some photos of them in the 6-8' diameter range.

I'm curious as to why you asked this. A 6' wheel is HUGE!!!

Hey Nick,
I'm refering to the 6'in circumferance.You aren't jokin, a six foot diameter wheel would be huge.
Gouge, the guy I was refering to is using an idler wheel,it's like a GIANT BurrKing the belts are truly long,and wide.


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I'm glad you started this thread as I've thought about this myself. However my thoughts were not along the lines of a 6 ft wheel but for a platen that has a 6ft arc.....so you would still get a 3ft radius hollow grind. I was thinking about making a bolt on platen that is very thick, say 1" and wire EDM a 36" radius. Other thoughts are to make it from a premium tool steel, polish the face and coat it for wear and lubricity with Titanium Nitride or something. The draw back is that you won't have the trouble free grinding like on a contact wheel, but you'll be pinching the belt between the work piece and the platen. And the bump from the belt joint.

Whatta ya think?

-Rob Frink

Speaking of contact wheels, has anyone made or repaired their own by casting the rubber. I have found a site or two that sells two part castable rubber and just wondered.
For that matter, has anyone made larger contact wheels by any method.
I like the wire cut arc idea. May try it out in hardwood to see how she does.
Larry D
Rob, I am just finishing a belt grinder, its only for platen grinding (no contact wheel) and I was thinking the same thing(building a curved platen) I am hoping to get time to build it this week, . I am planning to build it out of tool steel (O-1,D-2).It will be hardened and polished and equivellant to about a 15" contact wheel(hopefully)
When Its done I will post the results here.. Ok?

BTW Rob I really like your site, you make some very good tools at good prices.

Eric Elson

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Hi Rob,
I've heard mention of the radiused platen before but never heard if anyone had actually done it yet.It seems that they had planned for the radius of a huge wheel.I would still like to try the big wheel though. I may head down to the scrapyard this weekend and see what i can come up with. If I come up with a good design maybe we could work together on perfecting this for market.
Alex Daniels made his first platen with a arc to match a 6 foot grinding wheel years ago...He still uses one to this day because he say's that you just can't grind some of the old bowies and make them look correct without it.
Also Wayne Goddard makes mention of the same type platten that Alex has that he uses on his grinder in his Book.
These things work really cool and you don't get a bump from the tape any worse that you do on a regular platten,which I don't get unless I am using a old wore out 320 grit belt to polish with.

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A few years back, I discussed this with Wayne Goddard and Steve Schwarzer. At the time I had a bunch of busted springtooth shanks that were about 12" in length, had a diameter of approx. 22", and were a skosh under 2" wide. (I still have one made up as a platen).
Dunno if they used those chunks of metal, but I know they did discuss the possibilities of using polished hardwood in place of metal for the platen, and making up several of different diameters to play with.