77ot improved muskrat?

Mar 12, 2006
A couple of months ago I was in a small hardware store that still had some USA old timers on display. I bought there last 77ot which was the display knife and it has improved muskrat on the blade. I dont have a 77 so I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection. does the "improved muskrat" etch on the blade make it more collectible, and or raise the value? I paid $23.50 for the knife in the box. I thought I got a pretty good deal? Im kind of new around here so sorry if this is a dumb question but thats why Im looking to the pro's for an answer. thanks again guys. -Joel
$31.99, $37.00, $40.00, $47.75, $63.50, $55.50, $66.00, $69.99

The prices of the last eight 77OT's sold on EBAY (that I could find). There's one sitting out there at $27.00 right now with two days to go.

I say you done good! Most of the ones I've seen had the blade etch.
No dumb question!
Please stick around. Post a picture of your knife if you can.
We love this stuff.
the Knife in the pic looks the same as mine. I ve tried to put pics up but it asks for the url # or something and Im a computer idiot. any help there and I will get my pic up. thanks -joel
Even if it looks like mine still try to post your picture.
If your picture is small look at the bottom of the posting screen for "attach Files" This will allow you to upload your picture to BF.
Only the 1st time is tough.
Others (me included) use another site and then link to it.
somebody school us on whats improved. was it blade steel,shape,length?has to be some story behind it.thanks
The etch is improved. It is a time honored sales gimmick. When you search the forum (top right) for IMPROVED, you will find where we gave this question a thorough thrashing some time back.

There is a group of old timers (guys not knives) that get together here in my home town every Wednesday morning to drink coffee, eat donuts & talk knives. Last time I was there (3 weeks ago) there was a discussion about what made the Improved Muskrat "Improved." One fellow maintained that it was because one blade didn't open up all the way as the other did. It was at an angle to the end of the knife & not straight out the end. He said that made it easier to skin (I believe he said the legs of) the muskrat.

I have no idea as I have never skinned a muskrat. Just what I heard.