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Joe Flowers

I just recently purchased an Mini AFCK with the TiNi coating
my only complaint with the knife is when I open it, the TiNi coating on a small geometric corner on the right side is getting scratched off, due to the inside of the right part of the handle
From what I have read on the forums, this is a common problem with the Mini-AFCK.
Having heard about this and since having a plan to get a mini afck, maybe I'll get the satin one. Too bad. I like it in BT coating.
The blade rubbing on the handle during openings can usually be cured by tightening the pivot and making sure that the blade is centered in the handle. It can be adjusted by bending the handle slightly until the blade is centered. Also make sure that all the handle screws are snug, but don't over tighten them.

By the way, the coating on Benchmade blades is teflon based, not TiN. It is soft, and will wear if you use the knife hard. It keeps protecting the blade from corosion though, even when worn.

I had the same problem with a large AFCK but as Steve mentioned it still provides protection for the steel.

Perhaps Benchmade could solve the problem by smoothing the innards of the liner or something along those lines.
Just a thought.

God bless!

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