Photos 849 Sleeveboard Lobster, so very Cosmopolitan.

Oct 7, 2017
The Schrade Walden 849 is listed first in the 1955 price-list and then the 1957 catalog. It is last seen in the 1959 catalog. Its referred to as "Sleeveboard Lobster" in '57 catalog but the earlier 848 which is the same knife with Marine Pearl handles is called the "Cosmopolitan". In 1958 catalog the 849 is called the "Executive". Three good names for the pattern; take your pick.

Mine came with the original plastic pouch that really doesn't suit the quality of the knife. All three blades are mirror polished and it is clean as a whistle inside. It really is a classy 2-3/4" knife. Another knife that is way too shiny to scan accurately.





You can always tell if it's a 50's or early 60's schrade walden made before the swinden/delrin era due to the nice crisp grinds on the blades that are more reminiscent of the old cut co's. Nice little knife, it takes a lot of skill to make them small but that nice.
I totally agree Chunk. It does take skill to make these small knives well. I've got six of mine out to take pics tonight and they look great together. I'm going to make threads for all of them since I'm already taking the pics for my records. Here's a group-shot preview:

709sha, 849. 876, 877, 946sha, 7606sha

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