876 "Shadow Lobster"/ "The Banker" pattern research

Oct 7, 2017
I just grabbed a nice 876RB in a plastic pouch. This pattern seems to have started out as the 8776 "Scissors Knife - Lobster pattern" in the 1928 Schrade supplement. I wanted to date it more precisely so I started digging through the available literature. I was wondering when this pattern changed from a pinned "Marine Pearl" handled knife (like the 877 but MOTS not MOP) to the brushed stainless steel handles. I like the gentleman's knives and will post more from my collection in the future.





It seems that in 1965 (and earlier) the "876RB" or just "876" was the pinned Marine Pearl version. Then in 1966 both 876RB and S876RB were listed. I think this is the year the stainless handles first appeared and both variations were offered. 1967 is a bit of a mystery with no listings I can find for this pattern. 1968 shows only one 876 and the illustration has no pins so very likely stainless handles.

If anyone sees an error please correct me. Thanks!

Here's my notes:

-1928 supplement - 8776 - "Scissors Knife - Lobster pattern, 2-7/8" long; flexible manicure file, spear pocket blade and scissors; nickel silver lined; cleaned inside; blades full crocus polished; Mother of Pearl handle" - variations: 8779GM with gun metal handle and 8779GSIL with nickel silver handle

-1953 pricelist - 876 first appears on wholesale pricelist for $43.25/doz = $3.60 each in marine-pearl, 877 listed for $72.00/doz = $6.00 each in genuine mop

-1957 catalog - 876 first appears in catalog as a variation of 877, 877 almost twice as expensive MSRP @ $7.95 vs $12.95 each

-1961 catalog - 876 listed as a marine-pearl knife

-1962 catalog - 876 listed as a marine-pearl knife

-1963 catalog - 876 (pic shows pins, so still marine-pearl knife)

-1965 catalog - 876RB - "2-7/8" Shadow Lobster, Bladed long flexible nailfile & spear & scissors, all stainless steel blades, Razor Blade Stainless cutting blade, handle - Marine Pearl Plastic, nickel silver linings" (pic shows pins)

-1966 pricelist - 876RB (marine-pearl) and S876RB (stainless) are both offered at same price (not in catalog) both handle treatments now available

-1967 (not in catalog, not on pricelist) ???

-1968 catalog - listed as 876 (no pins on pic, now stainless handles only?) - listed on pricelist as 876

-1969 catalog - listed as 876 - listed on pricelist as 876RB (likely stainless handles only)

-1970 - listed as 876RB in catalog, pricelist and flyer
- flyer says - "The Banker, a slim sturdy gentleman's pocket knife with brushed finish stainless steel cover, stainless steel scissors, flexible nail file and Razor Blade Stainless cutting blade, 2-7/8" closed"

-1971 - same as 1970

-1972 - in catalog and flyer same as '70-'71

-1973 - listed in catalog and flyer as 876RB

-1975 - last year listed in catalog
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I neglected to mention the 876 first showed up in the 1953 pricelist and 1957 catalog. Added to my notes ;)
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I used engine degreaser on this one and it's sparkling clean now. That old oil was like tar and soapy water just didn't do it. Scissors are mirror polished and not really dark as in pics. A couple new scans: