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9" knife tests

Oct 3, 1998
Hello everyone. I bet a lot of you have never seen me before, I'm just getting back into BF.com after being gone all summer and part of Sept.

Now, on with the point. Before I left there were supposed to be some bowie knife tests(one of the knives mine) posted here, and I can't find them, or any hint to what eventually happened. So I'm a little curious to see WHAT THE FRINKIN' DEAL IS HERE PEOPLE
(j/k). It just looks like tey have been forogten about by everyone but me. I haven't even been able to find any recent threads about them.

Mike/Sparks/BF.com guys and gal(s), Could anyone fill me in on the end status of those tests?


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Wow, I almost forgot about you too, adamantium. Welcome back.

I remember something about someone doing a 9 inch knife test, but all I can find by searching the several forums and the archives of BFC is a one post thread back in March in the Reviews forum asking where the test results were. It's not in the most recent general forum archive (#3) either. I dunno. Maybe someone else knows what happened to this test, or if there was a thread with the results???


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(Have things changed here since you've been gone?).

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Adam, I sent a knife to Mike for the 9" blade test too. Mike had the results on his computer and it crashed and he lost them.

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Y2K was a bummer. But I do recall reading earlier today in a thread that he retyped them. But then the whole issue just died. I believe the last post I could find on the subject was Feb.


Self improvement is a hobby of mine

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These are reviews by Cliff Stamp. Look under "large, misc. fixed blades".
Reviews include the Busse Battle Mistress, Cold Steel Trailmaster, Mad Dog Tusk, TOPS Steel Eagle, and others.
Also, you could do a search on the knife reviews and testing forum for particular models.
Go to this thread and scroll through it. Several people have posted links in it to various tests. I don't know which test you are looking for, but those linked from the below thread all seem similar in that they test knives about that size:


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