923 for the Sheeple

Dec 28, 2001
I've been looking at the 921 for a bit (a couple hours) and I've been thinking it would be great for the sheeple who get creeped out by my Kershaw Blackout (or just upon hearing that I carry a knife) since the extra small blade gives it more of an image of a utility tool. However, I'm liking the look of the 923 a lot better, and I also like combo blades better. My only concern is that it's a lot less sheeple friendly due to being all black and having a partially serrated blade (the 921 is nice because it's blue and silver and the 921BT would probably look less threatening due to the silver handle despite the black blade). Anyway, thoughts on how sheeple would react to the 923 compared to the various 921 models?
I think the 921 with the shiny blue handle would be more sheeple friendly than the all black 923. Black spells out "tactical" and "ninja" and "evil" to those ignorant types. Plus, the reverse tanto shape looks kinda wicked too. Plus, the 923 is "only" 154CM vs S30V on the 921. Not that there's anything wrong with 154CM, especially Benchmade's, but S30V is just better. There were also different colored handle runs of the 921 (purple, silver, red), but these had black blades. Newgraham has these, and also has a green handled 921S (serrated, shiny blade). Non-standard colors seem to sit well wih sheeple better than ones they normally associate with knives. Alternatively, you could look at the Benchmades with wood or pearl inlays. Wood, pearl, and bone remind the sheeple of their grandfather's knives and cause less of a fuss.

Or, you could just say "screw the ignorant fools" and carry whatever you want. As long as it's legal, what right do they have to complain? :p
I wouldn't worry about too much, unless it's seriously effecting your work or social life too much.
folks don't seem to mind my 921s... and it's mostly the colour thing.
stainless or non-black go over better than black "tactical" knives.

LM Juice s2 is orange(where is isn't worn down or scratched), BM 921s is blue, spydie dyad jr is black micarta(2 bladed and shiney, they seem to like it as an upgraded classic)....
my carry knives are 80% serrated... slipjoints, spydie ss dragonfly(2 of em), spydie bone kiwi, and my fixed blades are plain edge.

I like the dyad and 921s for having a plain edge I can use in public, but if I need the serrated I'm gonna use it.

I use the slipjoint on my 921 about as much as the main blade.
I asked a semi-sheeple her opinion and she was in favor of the 921BT-400 over the rest, she said it was "prettier", dunno if that means she actually thinks it's pretty.