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99 shot show

See you there folks!
I'll be there, dividing my time between CRK&T, Outdoor Edge, and Buck Knives. See you there.
EDI will be there!!!! I can't remember our booth # at this time, but I'll post it later.....

Will Fennell/EDI Knives

Anyone who has time and is interested. There is also a sword show in town during the same period of the Shot Show. (Hey Dexter - tell us a little about it if you have the time. Thanks). If anyone has the time and inclination to get together for a lunch or dinner - Let's hear it and I'll make some reservations for us.
Yup, I'm planning on being there too along with Howard from KCI.

Hi Gus - I don't know much about the sword show, but it's going to be held at the Holiday Inn in Decatur. From what I have heard, major manufacturers exhibit there - Pro Cut, CAS Iberia, and several others. Howard and I are planning on catching the sword show as well, provided that we are not too pooped from meeting with people!

Also, anyone know how we can recognize each other on the show floor? Maybe we can wear a badge with the BF logo. This way if you bump into another wearing the badge, you can stop to introduce yourself. Chances are very good that you know the person already, just don't know what in the heck they look like
Suggestions anyone?

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

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Logo idea sounds great if Mike and Spark do not mind we could download the logo print it and slip it into our badges. I am thinking about having it tatooed to my forehead anyway

Fellow Forumites,
EDI Knives's booth # is 4143. I wish to welcome all of you attending the '99 SHOTSHOW to our booth. If for some reason I'm not in, I won't be gone long so please, stop back by. I look forward to meeting as many of yu as possible.

Great idea Dex, maybe Spark could get us some BLADEFORUM.COM stickers for our badges. Oh Spark......

Look forward to seeing ya'll,

Will Fennell/EDI Knives
Gus you win a prize for that idea! Send me your address and I will send you some sorta knife. Maybe a Spyderco Merlin since I just found 20 of them today.

I will have Spark work on a logo that you all can download and print. Most likely it will be our logo as it appears now with some kind of border for cutting out. We would need to have it hanging from your tag so it would be noticable.

I will also try and set up a good day and time to meet. The problem with the Shot Show is that it is durring a normal week and many will not be able to attend.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Thanks Mike, but it was really Dexter's idea.
and I was just kidding about the logo on my head.
I'll be glad to send you my address anyway, but I think I am on file at WOW.

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Mike - No I don't! Send 'er my way

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

How could I miss such an chance to meet with our wonderful, loving, sharing, heart warming comunity?

ok ok ok.....how could I miss seeing all the COOL KNIVES!?


Mouse Assassins inc.

While you are in Atlanta for the SHOT show, don't forget to mention how you feel about Atlanta's Mayor Bill Campbell's decision to join Chicago and New Orleans in their action against the gun manufactures. Before you make plans or reservations, you may want to check out the feelings of those establishments where you will spend your money.

A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined;
George Washington Jan 8,1790--There can be no doubt about the Second Amendment.

I will be at the Shot Show this year. After the wonderful time I had at the Atlanta Blade Show seeing the faces that go with the names, I began to wonder if we might want to do a get together in a similar fashion for this show.

Let me know what you think!

Sid Post
Texas FFL

p.s. I think I owe a couple folks a beer or two from the Blade Show!
In the collectors Forum, we thought about getting together for Lunch on Tuesday. How about it, for those of us attending?

I proposed Booth 9017 as a meeting place (that's where I'll be based, sorry no knives...), at about 11:30, but let me know if there is another time/place that works for everyone.

Also, I posted info about the Annnual SHOT Show knife inthe collector's forum. I'll make sure that the maker, Chuck Stapel, comes to lunch with us.
Looking forward to meeting some new friends..


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I'll be at the SHOT Show at the Columbia River Knife & Tool booth (#G4345). Ed Halligan will be there too along with Kit. What fun! Can't wait to see all the new toys for this year as well as put some names with the faces of new friends. Be sure and stop by the booth for a visit.

Best regards,
Jim Hammond