A basic blade terminology question


Feb 25, 2000
What is the proper term used to describe the measurement taken from the edge of the blade to the spine? Is this the height of the blade? Thanks.

Semper Fi
From what I read, I believe that measurement is referred to as blade width, as distinguished from blade thickness, which of course is the thickness of the finished blade stock. So you have blade length, blade width, and blade thickness measurements to describe the three dimensions.
Thanks Will,
You really do learn something new here every day. I've owned knives alot of years and that question never even crossed my mind until I was I thinking about describing the Steel Heart variant in my post on the Busse forum. The SH variant's blade is noticeably wider that the BM or SHII (the edge extends down to a point almost even with the bottom of fingerguard on the hilt), but I was afraid if I used that that terminology it would be too easily confused with blade thickness.

Semper Fi