A beautiful Chandan Chiruwa AK

Feb 21, 2001
I was recently very fortunate to receive a beautiful Chandan handled Chiruwa AK, made by Vim. If it chops as good as it looks, it may be the perfect CAK. Vim's attention to detail, and his "fit and finish" are as good as they come. The chandan wood is just outstanding. The pictures really don't do it justice. Thank you Yangdu! :thumbup:

Steve Ferguson


Very nice indeed and thank you for sharing those pics. Do you intend to do a file test for blade hardness or something similar? Do let us know how it chops. I have a Bura made CAK, it is awesome.:)
My first was a CAK. Kumar and horn. Still my truck knife.

That one is a beauty Steve. I have no Vim. I've gotta remedy that.
Beautiful picture, thank you Steve
That's very nice I have one on order with Sisau,hope it looks half that good.

That one shouldhave been MINE!!!






Dont leave that one on the table when I come over!!!!

:) :)
Beautiful khuk Steve. Congrats on a good catch. It is good to see the old sharks still have the magic sometimes.;) :thumbup:
Great looking CAK! If this is 16.5" then I have the twin of this one from a couple of years ago by Bura, but I think I like Vim's handle on this even better. The wood grain is outstanding.

I have no idea how Vim could start off so poorly with that abysmal Crow knife I got from him, and within a short time turn into a great kami. Just a bad day I think. Every large knife I have recieved from him since then has been a winner, and as good or better than anything else I have seen.