A bowie knife for a Lilliputian

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by eschwebach, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. eschwebach


    Jul 16, 2012
    I thought you guys would get a kick out of this. This bowie was a gift from Eliot Moldonado after he did some work on a knife I had purchased from him. It's CTS-XHP steel (HC 59) with mammoth ivory scales. I forgot to get exact measurements (will add later, I am at work). As you can see it is quite small. :D

    Now, where to get a sheath????

    Is that a giant Zippo or a tiny knife?


    Check out the file work!

    .38 special cartridges
  2. Groove


    May 3, 2011
    Love it!
  3. Sonnemann


    Sep 21, 2010
    Awesome, I knew he made some tiny ones but didn't know he started heat treating them. What a little jewel!
  4. puukkoman


    Sep 30, 2004
    Sweet! Very cool little pimento memento.
  5. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    :thumbup: :)
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