Jan 27, 2000
Hey Gang,

It is time to bring the power of the Forums Populi to the front. While I realize that not everyone here uses or even likes ebay, there is a large number of forumites that do. That aside, I think this is an issue about KNIVES and not ebay.

As you can see from Brad's letter below ebay has really stuck a fork in us. Let's all rally round the blade here and send an email to ebay voicing our displeasure with this stupid decision.

Even something as simple as; I do not agree with your decision to move the knives catagory from it's previous location to now a sub-catagory of Hardware. Please return it to it's previous and rightful location asap.

Even this will have an effect if enough of us deluge them with emails. The email addy to send it to is collctbl@ebay.com Let's not allow them to skate on this one. Stand up and be counted.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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From: Brad Schenkman
To: collctbl@ebay.com
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001 4:08 PM
Subject: Hiding of KNIVES Category on eBay...

To Whom it Should Concern at EBAY: (note, this letter has a fairly high Blind Circulation)
Greetings! I am an eBay Powerseller (from day one of that program) and my user ID is SHARPSTUFF. I wrote earlier regarding the burying of the KNIVES category as a main heading in the Collectables listings and as I fume further over the impact this is ALREADY having on my business, I decided to check it out by the numbers...the bottom of this email includes a listing of ALL of the sub-categories of HARDWARE: FURNITURE, FIXTURES and as noted by the time directly on the eBay category search page. I am a member of the National Knife Collector's Association (as are many other's in my field) and my personal issue is with the KNIVES (now sub-category) with 19,709 listings...far out-numbering any other item in this obviously vast expanse of related items...such as Televisions, Telephones and Lamps. Who in the world thought this up and when was I asked about it. Surely in this category, eBay realizes a large share of the revenue generated just from MY sales...what about the other nearly 20,000 items in the KNIVES group? Was someone thinking on my behalf? ...hoping the eBayer searching for a LAMP would accidentally stumble onto a Knife I was selling and buy it? I think not. (I use LAMPS as my example as it has the next highest listing group by the numbers at 11,000) The point is, KNIVES may well be considered hardware in may avenues of life but in the instance of collectability, they do NOT belong in hardware in any way, shape or form. The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (of which I am also a Member) could probably take exception to this erroneous clumping of CLOCKS in this category as well. (Currently, there are 8000 clocks listed in HARDWARE) Please...I implore you with this...GET KNIVES out of the HARDWARE category and make it a self standing unit under the Collectables heading once again. I am having customers slam me with email wondering where in the world the knives are listed even as we speak. This is not only wasting my time, but sales on today's closing auctions are weaker than my experience projected. I take the good with the bad on auctions, however, as one of your premier sellers in this venue, I expect to have the opportunity to have my items listed as were advertised when I listed them. Currently, any new eBay customer looking at the categories would have a hard time finding my listings. While I touch a bit of a sarcastic note in this letter, I am trying to do what I can to protect my business (which is FULL TIME on eBay)....would you have me lobby to move my business AND my customer base elsewhere? This is not a frivolous request...I am not offended by any of the other categories on eBay, however, I feel this was NOT well thought out and while I understand everyone would like to have a major category, I am sure the lion's share of them asking do not provide for their families exclusively with the sales of such as I do (and many of my business associates across the country) Respond please. Sincerely, Brad Schenkman
Updated: Apr-13 11:45:32 PDT Clocks (8315)
Electric Fans (357)
Furniture (1152)
Insulators (877)
Knives (19709)
Lamps, Lighting (11829)
Locks, Keys (1525)
Phonographs (1387)
Radios (6303)
Scales (603)
Telephone (2127)
Television Sets (283)
Tools (7146)

Medicine Man of the Extinct Fugowee Tribe
I do agree that knives should have their own catagory on E-Bay. But from what I have seen over the last two week, anything that is not truely rare or exotic is going for 30-40% less than just a couple of months ago. That is across the board. Several of my coworkers regularly buy and sell a wide variety of stuff (antique cookware, tools, military collectables and motorcycle parts and collectables) and they have either started to use reserves or just not putting things up for sale because they were not getting what they expected. They are still buying because they are getting better buys than in the past two years. So I wouldn't put all the blame for his lowered bids on the new location. I normally just search for the makers or by knife name to find what I want so the move hasn't affected my ability to find knives. And in the past two weeks I have been buying more since prices are down and were falling before the move.
bfm, I agree with your assessment of the knife market in general and there are several reasons for it.

That however is not what was meant by the comments about lower closings. What was meant generally speaking was that the amount of bids was much lower. Brad, I assure you is aware of the soft market but his concern is that someone not as familiar as yourself with the workings of the ebay search functions, will have a difficult time finding the knives catagory and listings.

Additionally, if ebay is going to make a change of this nature they really need to talk at least to the major participants in the affected catagories and get their input. To make an arbetrary change like this that affects so many people is not the way to do business. This applies to any catagory, not just knives. After all it is the listers and sellers that make them their money.

Hope this helps to clarify.

Medicine Man of the Extinct Fugowee Tribe
I think E-Bay are being a bit politicaly correct and don't want to list... 'weapons' as part of the site.

Stupid or what?

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