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A Child and His Lost Knife

Kodiak PA

Gold Member
Dec 3, 1998
My 11 year old boy was devastated tonight. He lost his knife. It was a really sad scene. Earlier today we all went hiking to the beach since we were having a rare, crisp sunny day. As we usually do, we all don a few knives and my son took his favorites: His Spydie Worker that he bought with his Christmas money and Schrade Old Timer 50T. We went to the beach, found some driftwood and whittled away. When he got home he played outside a bit. He forgot to put his knife away approached me with this dreaded look, "dad, I lost my Old Timer". He did what all kids do, he acted optomistic, thought he knew where it was, grabbed his jacket and flashlight and headed outside to search for it.

After a while he came in the house and couldn't even speak. At first I got mad and then felt total empathy. I lost a knife or two in my day and had a few temper tantrums over it. When he started to cry, I thought I would, too. He went to bed broken hearted. So I did what any dad would do, I went out in the freezing Alaskan night and searched and searched for that damn knife. Couldn't find it.

Now my yougest crawls into bed and rolls over on something. He reaches down and finds his big brothers closed knife. He's so excited he runs out of the house in his PJs screaming, "I found it"! Oh joy! I felt so much relief for my son. Apparently he went in his little brother's room and his knife fell out. He was thrilled and relieved. I think he has a newer and better appreciation of his knives....and his little brother.

Just wanted to share. Knives are a really neat part of our lives. No matter what happens as they hit the teenage years here soon, I hope we still can enjoy knives togther.

Have a nice Easter everyone!




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Knives really are important, and special to me. As I got older, my dad and I had less and less in common. But we both still love knives, and thats the subject of most of our conversations. He bought me my first one over 20 years ago, and I still have it. It's pretty beat up and rusty, but worth more to me than even my Sebenza.
Good story Greg. After reading your story, it sounds to me as though you've laid a good foundation and will "survive" the teenage trials with your family intact. The fact that you empathized with your son's loss and offered no recriminations speaks volumes by itself. Take care,
It's great to see a dad "doing what he has to do" to fix whatever is troubling his son,or daughter, way to go.
P.S. Thanks for the subliminal use of my initials too.

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!

Glad Greg, Jr. found his knife. I haven't lost many recently. The one I lost was my BM840, which I didn't really like anyway, but I had arranged a trade for it, so I was bummed when I couldn't find it!

Bet he'll be much more careful. Still, knife loss happens, no matter how careful you are...

Clay Fleischer

Knives are for usin' -- Pictures are for looking at...

Glad to hear the happy ending. A good lesson to learn young, and I am sure it is a story that you will both recall for years to come. Be sure to remind him of it when he asks to use your Sebenza

He's only allowed to look at pictures of my Sebenza!


Great story Greg. I got a little misty myself thinking of how I would have felt at age 11 if I had lost my prized SAK or one of my Cases or Bokers. It sounds like you have a good family if you could all pull together like that to help your boy find his prized possession. That's worth more than a Sebenza (and if you have read many of my other posts you would know how much that means). I'm just glad that you added the part about how it was closed when little brother rolled over on it. We could have heard a much different story.
Great story and a great illustration of the difference between being a "father" and a Dad!

It's so nice that you kept your cool about it. A lot of guys wouldn't have thought about how bad the poor kid already felt!
This is my feel good story for the week. Thanks!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Something very similar happened to me many years ago, when I was young. You can read about it on the "other" forum, at http://www.knifeforums.com/ubb/Forum37/HTML/000010.html
Two happy endings!