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A cool idea .... not toooo far off subject!

I wanted to wait until I got mine, and I got it. It is a wallet for the front pocket but can be worn just about in any pocket. What is cool about it is it has a pocket clip kind of like the folders we have. My idea is to carry a knife inside of this English leather wallet along with your dough! It works and I do think it is a good idea.

Have a back up knife in it right now!

Just to think, it all started with the knife having a pocket clip on it!




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Oct 2, 1998
That's a cool idea Mark. Right now I carry a Sharper Image pocket wallet that has seen better days.

How's the quality?

The clip would free up the bottom of my left pocket for yet more junk.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Thanks Mark. Off topic or not, I’m glad you posted this. I like to keep up on the latest gadgets for my pockets.

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Lucky Dog ... the ones I bought were made out of English Leather, very top quality!
This one is the Buckster model with two pockets in it. The other styles only have one pocket. Check more deeply on that web site, comes in many colors and styles as well a Faux leather (imitation) and suade too!

I bought the best one they make, that's me though, I like having the best of everything but doesn't happen near as much of the time as I would like!

The clip is made of nickel and has a very nice finish to it. The clip is also available in other finishes as well. I bought 4 of these, one for me, one for each of my boys, and one as a gift to give. Nothing different here, bought more than one just like I do when I purchase knives, it's in the blood

The quaility is so well, should last many many years! Being I do some leather work, this is very under priced IMO!


OK Mark you convinced me, I'm going to give it a try. I think the two-pocket version is the way for me to go. Thanks.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Yeah, but can it take a razor edge?

What about is edge holding?

Can I get it Serrated?

I want a Light Saber.

A wallet with a pocket clip, you say? Who cares how many pockets it has or what leather it's made out of. The important question is this: is it tip-up or tip-down?


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The worst idea since the pocket clip for a knife.

Just my opinion, of course. Good luck, let us know how it works out.

I can't believe that somebody got the jump on me on these. I have been prototyping a similar setup, but made of kydex with a steel bolt on clip.

Should have a picture ready in a few days...should be around $30...tough as nails, you shouldn't be able to wear it out.

email if your curious

Rude Water Herring
Speaking of a way of having a back up knife where your wallet is;

When entering hostile territory on foot(I gave up on owning cars), I open my folder, stick the blade in the middle of my tri-fold wallet, and put the wallet in my back right pocket. This only works with folders w/a 4 inch or so blade, safely anyway. Oh, and I always wear a jacket, so nobody sees the handle.

The draw is quick and natural. And useful for more than "give me your wallet" encounters.
Snickersnee, your opinions would be appreciated in the "Front Pocket or Back Pocket" thread. It's drifted a bit


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)