A Couple of Notes from the Guild Show

Jul 9, 1999
Well, the Knifemaker's Guild Show has thankfully returned to the Orlando Marriott and the maker's appeared to be having a fairly good show even early on Friday afternoon.
I went Friday and the crowds were good and managable. Not a huge amount of crowding around the maker's tables, but lots of nice knife nut kinda folk.
If you did not make it to the show, you missed out big. Tons of big name makers were there and virtually everyone had knives for sale on their tables with a few noteable exceptions like Jerry Fisk. The show opened at 10:00 am and he was sold out by noon. Several others were in the same boat. All were taking orders.
I met Tim Herman and he was taking orders. This guy is a trip to talk to.:D He told me Blues was around but I didn't spot him before I had to light out.:(

I was looking for BFC nametags and saw none.
Where the Hell were ya'll?:confused:

So much eye candy, it nearly made me giddy.
The Denton's were there with the largest collection of Loveless knives I've ever seen in one spot.
If you are a Jerry Hossom fan, (and who isn't?) this was your big chance to walk away with one of those awesome pieces of his in 3V without having to get in line. GAWD! that guy has some nice stuff!
Jerry is one Helluva nice guy to talk to and meeting and talking knives with him turned out to be one of the highlights in a day that was full of great knife related experiences.
The Crawford's (Pat and Wes) were there and their table was stock full of those wonderfully designed folders they make. I think I fell in love several dozen times yesterday!
If you were looking for hand made bargains this show is the place to go. There were a truck load of the highest quality knives you'll ever wrap your fingers around for under $200.00. I was at me wit's end trying to narrow the field down to a manageable level.
My wife, who is the wiser half of this marriage, said "Let's do the perimeter and then go into the aisles. When you've seen everything your interested in, get their cards and narrow it down from there."
Well, as it turned out, all the suppliers were on the perimeter and I ended up spending most of my $$ on knifemaking supplies. (This wouldn't be so bad except I've not had the time to make a decent knife in nearly a year). The wench is devious beyond measure. She knew I couldn't resist getting the supplies if they were in front of my face. I ended up with about 20 pieces of stag, several slabs of beautiful Ironwood, a couple of pieces of damascus and various other bits and pieces. She actually likes the idea of me making my own knives and is not so keen on seeing me buy them.:rolleyes: Oh well....
Anyway, I almost went the whole distance up and down the aisles, collecting biz cards from the folks who had the pieces I was interested in and then it happened.
I looked over and there on the table was a large assortment of familiar looking blades. A few guys were around the table and I was just getting glimpses of the blades. My knees got weak when I saw the knife I'd been wanting for about 3 1/2 years sitting there on the table. I almost knocked one poor fella over getting into that mini fray and laying my hands on that large Elk Hunter. Bob Dozier had at least one of every one of his patterns on that table and I grabbed that Elk Hunter up lickity split and pulled it from it's Kydex sheath. This simply brilliant blade has been lurking on the fringes of my mind for a looong time popping up on occasion to remind me that desire is still there and here it was in my hands, I turned it over and saw the price. I pulled my wallet out so fast, I think I startled the fella standing next to me. "I'll take it!" Bob Dozier gave me a big all-knowing grin and directed me to an associate handling the sales. That grin told me he knew he had another soon-to-be-regular customer.
After I bought that, in my mind, I was done. I didn't even want to get another knife, even though I still had enough funds available to get another. I'm kicking myself now that I'm back home thinking I shoulda picked up another Dozier.:rolleyes:
As we were finishing the last aisle, my wife stopped and struck up an interesting conversation with Edmund Davidson about his killer integrals. God! These guild guys are GOOD!
My wife claims to not know squat about knives, but she surprised me and more than a few knifemakers with her quick and insightful knowledge on knife form, function and design. I'm thinking she is sneaking in here and reading the knowledge base when I'm not around.:)

When all was said and done, nearly all the makers we talked to are very happy to be back in Orlando, Fla. and many say this is where the show will stay for a good while.
I'd encourage any and all BFC members who haven't experienced the Guild Show here to come down and make a vacation of it. There is sooo much to do here in central Fla. outside the show, you'll need a vacation to recover from your vacation here!
Make it a point to come down next year and see the show. Next to the Blade Show, it has to be the greatest show on Earth! Forget Barnum and Bailey!
Sounds like a great show! I wanted to go but just could not swing the time . . . No pictures????
Photography is my wife's dept. and she forgot to grab the digi-cam on the way out the door.
Of course she rode home on the roof of the car.:D
Wow, thanks for the update!!!! I had the same problem at Blade last year, no way to recognize fellow forumites. We need to come up with a downloadable tag that folks could print and wear at knife shows.
YES!! The show was incredible!!

I only had about 3 hours to spend, shopping for materials and trying to talk to everyone that I could!! I did run into Blues but didn't get a chance to meet any other members that were there other than makers.
The international makers like Kressler, Pachi and Bennica are phenominal. Dellana put a MULTI thousand dollar folder in my daughters hand and ecouraged her to "check it out" :) When we arrived back home my daugter eagerly told my wife the story of the nice girl with red hair and BEAUTIFUL knives to my wife.....with an ear to ear smile!!
I had great time meeting (thanks Mr. Doggett) and taking to S.R. Johnson. His knives can only be described as PERFECT!! He is also VERY willing to share information as how he makes them that way :)
I wish I could have spent all THREE days at the show but.....maybe next year:rolleyes:

Nice review of the show MikeU.

I'm still going through withdrawl from Blade Show, and I couldn't imagine doing another big show so soon.
Thanks Mike for the revue. Wish I could have made it so we could have hooked up but Ocala is a whole lot closer to Orlando than Austin, Tx.:D
L6 is right.
We need BFC name tags so we can spot each other at these events. The show would have been total knife Nirvana if I could've met some of the other fine knife nut folk who are on this board.
Before the next Blade Show (I'm going to that one come Hell or high water) we need to bug Spark to make BFC name tags available at a modest fee of course.:D
I would absolutely love to make it to one of these big shows, but it would cost me about $1500.00 for travel food and lodging:( . I think that money is better spent on knives. I would rather support knifemakers than airline companies.
While I wish that 1SKS would go with a printed logo on them, their Forum hats are already an easily recognizable item. Prints would be a bit cheaper. Still, am going to get one before I go to any further shows, even the little ones in Tacoma. Am determined to make the Oregon show next year.
Thanks for the write up misque, happy to hear ya had a good time!

Sounds like it was a good show for all those folks involved! :)

As far as the name tags go, I'll be sure to wear one at the BladeWest show coming up in September out here in Cali.

Though I should be pretty easy to spot. I'll be the 400lb 4'10" guy with redeyes and blue hair, wearing a red rubber "gummie" suit, a Randall Made Knives ball cap, and full body armor... ;) :rolleyes:

If I make it outta there alive, I'll do another write-up like I did for the Solvang show.

Keep up the good work misque, very nice indeed!