A couple of questions i need help with

Nov 30, 2000
I just stated collecting knives a couple months ago. Recently i went to a flea market and got a WWII bayonet, it is in good shape, except it is dull and has some rust on it,the handle is wooden also, and is a little dirty. My questions are , how do i go about cleaning it up? and should i? Should i sharpen it?
Any help would be apreciated
Until the bayonette has been authenticated, I wouldn't, clean it, sharpen it or touch it. For example, for the past several months, I have been trying to authenticate a Harley-Davidson model Buck 110. There's a lot in the balance, one sold for $8,500.00 to a collector. One of my friends, a Buck salesman, is taking the knife to a Buck meeting with administrators, and you can bet we are wrapping it carefully. Wiping off the patina on your collectible with Nevr-Dull could cut the value in half. Seek out a trained professional.--OKG
I'm gonna' have to go with OKG on this.

If you aren't sure exactly what you have, don't touch it yet.

Maybe you could post a picture & description on Bernard Levine's forum and maybe he can help with a identity and value.

WWII knives are extermely collectible and you may get a nice surprise.

If after all that, you find that it has no great value (except to you) then you can do what you want with it.

I know that this isn't a direct answer to your question, but I believe that it's your best coarse of action at this time.

--The Raptor--
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