A Customized Boker/Nealy Sheath??

Mar 12, 1999
Anyone replace the sheath that comes with the Boker Specialist for something narrower? The sheath that comes with the knife is like wearing a breast plate it's so wide.
I looked at your site; nice work there. The shape I have in mind is similar to the original Polecat sheath you have on your ite; I like the narrow shape and believe it is more convenient for neck carry.
Thanks for the offer, I'll keep you in mind.

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For plainclothes concealment, a smaller sheath might be desirable, but my experience on duty is that the larger sheath helps keep the knife from moving around between my vest and shirt.At any rate, its a great knife isn't it? I have a tanto G10 and a utility cocobolo, and they are among my favorites.

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Hi Jumbi,
If Chiro75 is going to make one for you remind him to make also one for me. I would like to have smaller sheath but I cannot send the knife.