A Few Carbon Moras


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Mar 15, 2000
I've got a few carbon-steel Moras that I don't need. Both models are out-of-production and getting harder to find.

(1 available) Mora 510 - This is from the last batch and has the cosmetic issue at the tip. Does not affect function. $17 shipped. SPF.

(2 available) Mora Miki - From overseas. Never available here in the States. Also discontinued. $25 shipped. Both Mikis SPF

All knives are new and include their sheaths.
PayPal or USPS money order please.

Sales to lower 48 states only. Not interested in trades.
You must be 18 to purchase this knife, and it must be legal to own in your area.
First "I'll take it" by PM, email, or post gets the knife.

Here's a quick snapshot. I'll try to get up some better pics later (tomorrow) if these don't sell right away.

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Mora 510 is sold pending funds.

Both Mikis are still available.
1 Mora Miki sold.

1 still remaining.
For what it is worth......I have owned several of these Mora Mike (still can get them over here on this side of the pond) and they have (imo) THE most comfortable handle of any of the Mora knives. Great steel - great handle and a great price ! What more could you want.
TOMMY00729, Slim to None claimed the last Mora Miki yesterday. I'll contact you as next in line should the deal fall through.