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A few of my Collection

Discussion in 'The Gallery' started by Renwa, Sep 14, 2018 at 8:15 PM.

  1. Renwa

    Renwa Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    I am Dave and the newbi.
    Here are some of my 545 knives in my collection.
    I have Engraved each one. Love to know what you think.

    Maker:Kalfayan: Titled: Feathers
    Maker:Smokey: Titled: Vines
    Frankenstein ( made up from what ever could be scrounged) Kangaroo Sheath (Mother Roo and her Joey in her pouch)

    The Mother Roo: Made by Ed Kalfayan (RIP) handcrafted massive bowie knife with a gorgeous hollow ground ATS – 34 stainless blade and a super mirror polish finish. Indented stamp on the blade. Blade length is 10 inches, overall length is 15 1/4 inches. Clip is not sharpened. Hidden tang. The knife has .416 stainless fittings and an outstanding stag handle accented with a stainless steel butt plate. Late 90’s early 2000 vintage. Comes with a custom made Leather Sheath.

    The Joey: Made by Smokey: Cant find much on this maker, Tang Stamped into the steel (Smokey) Over all 11 3/4 inches and just under a 7 inch high polished blade.

    This is “Feathers”

    It tells the dreaming story of how all the birds came to be.

    Wayback in the Creaming time, was a Spirit who had feathers and wings and could fly any way you could imagine, he was fast, swift, strong, handsome,
    He was the most talented spirit that roamed the earth, he has Feathers that where every colour of the Rainbow plus black and white and grey ad every colour you could image, each feather was a different shape and size he handsome. BUT! He was proud, arrogant, boastful, treated all the other Spirits especially the female spirits in a horrible way and just pissed all the other spirits off. He was always telling everyone about his exploits and he always made them bigger and better, the other spirits knew but they tolerated him as he was useful to the mob.
    The time came when the other Spirits just could not take it any more, Enough they yelled, they ordered Feathers to come before them and the Spirit council told feathers that he was to be punished for being such an ass hole.
    His punishment was to have all his feathers and wings stripped from his body and as they did this each feather was turned into a different animal that they called Birds, 1,000’s of feathers, 1,000’s of birds. When they had finished he was an ugly featherless, winless two legged long necked hideous looking spirit. The Council of Spirits took pity on him and gave one feather, a simple one and they multiplied it to cover his body, he was now all Grey, they gave him some blue green around his face and then gave him a Beak so he could not talk.
    Then to pay him back for treating the female spirits so badly they charged him with caring for and raising all his children, they then gave him his new name, EMU and to this very day Emu is a drab Grey, speaks very little and the males have to raise the kids.
    The right face shows Feathers wing, how big and impressive it was, the Spirits set about taking of his feathers and wings, this can be seen on the right 1/2 of the blade as the feathers are being pulled of by the spirits spell. The Spine shows feathers floating toward the spirits.
    The left face shows feathers trying to grab with his new beak one of his wings that was floating away with other feathers.

    Vines: Right Face: Our life is like a Vine, we grow from a seed and depending on the stock we came from makes us who we are. We grow from a seed and if we are watered and fertilized correctly we develop strong, deep and long roots the will govern the rest of our lives. As we grow if we are pruned properly we grow bigger and stronger. The left face depicts our 5 ages: The 5 circles depict our Journey from a Child to an Elder. Child- Teen- Middle Age- Mature- Elder
    Our path can be seen to be erratic, moving forward, then backwards, drawing on
    what he learned during each phase. (The dots and small indents depict this)

    Maker:Embry (RIP): Titled: First Settlements

    This is a Brad Embry custom handcrafted massive Bowie knife with a Genuine Ivory Scrimshawed Handle. Tang Stamped "Embry 0084" It has a super mirror polish finish.
    Blade length is 10 inches, overall length is 15 1/4 inches. "Clip is sharpened". Hidden tang. The knife has stainless fittings and an outstanding 3 layered finger guard with a 2 layered stainless steel pommel.
    Brad is no longer with us. "RIP" Early to mid 80's vintage.
    It tells the of how the white fella took over the world

    Way back in the Dreaming time, guess what, we was all "Black" true.

    The English, French and a few other mobs decided to concur the world, they sent out ships with men and women pulled up on a beach and said its ours now. Hang on a minute, before that ship we used that land, wasnt ours but we used it.
    The land did and does not belong to any one group, one mob, one person, we are for the time we are on it the custodians of that land, we have to leave it in better condition than we found it so our children's children 22 times forward will have
    good land to look after.
    Unfortunately the white fella did not feel this was the case, he felt if he put a dwelling on it, he owned it.
    So they came, they established small settlements, put up fences, cleared the land, planted seeds we had never seen before, grew animals that did not belong to Country and damaged it badly, they rode animals we had never seen before and then wandered of looking for more places to do the same.
    Kinda like they were never satisfied with what they had, always wanted bigger, more and better.
    They liked to build on the rivers and water ways, fenced the land and that stop all the native animals from getting to there water and food areas, they hunted and killed for fur and pelts, killed the native people, destroyed all they could find, they were like a disease that came to our land and killed everything.
    So this knife is that story.

    The left face depicts them coming up the rivers and finding places to settle and build there towns, then they cleared the land and farmed it, the handle with the scrimshaw frontiersman is the representation of all those that came and

    Maker:Schopp (RIP): Titled: No Straight Lines
    This is a Bob Schopp (RIP 2001) This would come from the period after Bob Schopp ended his BCS Custom company and was just making knives on his own .
    This knife was made sometime before 1990. It is signed with his simple cursive "S" on the top left face of the Tang.

    The Dream Time Story of no Straight Lines in Nature.
    Snowy my Spirit Guide told me there are no straight lines in nature? that got me wondering, being a Nature Photographer I went back through 1,000's of photos I have taken from all over the world and after a few weeks of looking at them and going out into the bush I came to the conclusion that he was right.
    Their are no straight lines in nature.
    So straight lines are man made, more so white fella made. This knife is about, nature V's man made. Its fair to say that all the materials used are Originally found in Nature. Minerals for the Metal, Stag Handle etc.. Then it is Man Made.
    A knife is the Blending of Nature and Man, great fit for what we use them for.
    There was not one straight line on this knife, blade, handle S guard, it is all curved. So I wanted to create both nature and man made.
    The left face is nature, all the engraving is curved, rounded, not straight, it depicts, land masses, Islands, lakes and the bush. Random it would seam patterns.
    The right face is man made, straight lines, angles a very stark contrast. The top spine has one half straight lines and the other half is curved
    in keeping with each face. The high polished blade makes the engraving just pop out, glint in the light.
    I have changed angles and directions when I engraved it and that also creates a play of light that changes when you hold and move it.

    Maker:Randall: Titled: Life

    The Dreamtime Story of Life "One Man - 5 Different Men"

    The 5 circles on the Left Face depicts 1 Mans Journey from a Child to an Elder.
    Child- Teen- Middle Age- Mature- Elder
    His path can be seen to be erratic, moving forward, then backwards, drawing on
    what he learned during each phase.
    The right Face shows, the major lessons he learned, experiences good and bad that are now stored in his mind, the ones that he uses on a daily basis as he walks.
    There are groups close together and some are far apart as he learned lots in short
    periods and few over some times on his journey. The spine depicts how for periods of his life he was bound to people and places,
    then he moved on their are 10 major times depicted on the Spine.
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  2. MolokaiRider

    MolokaiRider Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 13, 2017
    Wow! Beautiful knives!
  3. Padad24al

    Padad24al Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 13, 2008
    Incredible collection!
  4. bflying

    bflying Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2014
    Holy cow. Beautiful. Keep 'em coming.
  5. Renwa

    Renwa Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    OK here are 2 more.

    Maker:Tucker: Titled: Home

    Custom Made Stag Handled Bowie called "The Deerfield by Tucker 1999" (Engraved on the left Tang)
    This was created in 1999 with a Stunning Crown Red Stag Handle that is perfect round on the Crown. Formed Brass Finger Guard that flows in its design and blends with the Handle. High polished blade, tradition shape and size
    The Tucker is a 9 inch Blade with a 15 inch overall length, 1266 grams sheathed Blade is 2 inches wide at its widest.


    Dave has titled it "Home" and it is the 499th knife he has completed.
    Dave has done one side with an old Shed scene and the other with the Old Cabin and the top Spline is just superb in its design, it took 25 hours from start to finish.

    Muela Spain 140/199 limited Edtion.
    Only one signed: Only one with the Walrus Pommel.

    The Dream Time Story of the Knife:

    This is the story of Snake who became Walrus. So snake was sun baking one day by the ocean, chilling back, sleeping getting warmed up by the suns rays. He did not hear or see it but a monster King wave hit the beach and swept him out far far out in the ocean.
    Snake was not a good swimming and was drowning,he called out to the Spirits to help him and they appeared and told him they could change him into a sea animal, do it do it he yelled. When Snake woke up hewas on the beach and he was grateful to the Spirits. He went to move but he did not slither like normal, he waddled!!!!!
    He looked down and there was a big gut, flippers like a seal, 2 large fangs hanging out his mouth. He yelled to the Spirits, but they did not come, he yelled louder and louder, but they did not respond. He waddled down to a lagoon and looked into the water and whathe saw in the reflection, scared him. A monster, massive and fat, with 2 of the biggest teeth ever, he could not speak the word Tooth,it came out muffled and sounded like Tusk, he tried to call out but it came out as walrus and he kept saying out over and over and all the other animals heard it and so they thought his name was Walrus and that name stuck.

    Some of the Spine Work
    Click on it to see the Big picture :)
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  6. makandr

    makandr Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Oct 7, 2006

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