A few thoughts on the SOG Vision

Mar 2, 2000
Okay, I'm still pretty new to this discussion group, and I did a search for this knife, so if I missed a thread somewhere, sorry!
Anyway, I really like the knife, but I HAD TO REMOVE THE CLIP!!

If you haven't bought this knife yet, and you are going to, I recommend this is the first thing you do, for several reasons.
1) because it is so thin (skeletonized clip?) it rubs against the side and scratches it. That is why recommend you do this first, before you notice scratches
2) because the clip so thin, it is damn uncomfortable, it scrapes against your skin.
3) AND WHAT I FIND MOST ANNOYING; Because it's so thin, it acts like a spring. When you open the knife with your thumb (if you're a rightie), you will probably apply a counterforce against the clip with the rest of your fingers (at least the last 3). Now the clip absorbs some of this, making quick opening difficult.
To prove this point, I, personally, am able to open it much quicker and more easily with out the clip.

What could be changed? A non skeletonized clip. A damn simple solution.
I really like the knife, Although I think it could use either an extra finger grove (it wouldn't have to be very big) for your third finger or ridges along the front for gripability without compromising this knife's good looks.
Also, I love the blade. The false edge along the back looks like it could give the knife unparralled tip stregnth and piercing ability. But I don't really want to find out.
Thanks for reading.
What do you think?


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I myself have not held one, and was extremely turned away from it because the handle doesnt look ergonomic at all,
Is this true, especially if it gets wet how does the handle prevent you from slippping????????
You know, I have to say, it's really not that bad of a grip. Your thumb fits nicely on the back of the blade which has indentations.
You finger fits pretty well in the groove, and in the grove the liner lock stick out and has indentations, this helps a lot.
Your last two fingers curl around the bottom of the knife. But your middle finger, has no real place to grab. Which is a pity, since it's stronger than your first one.
I still think it's a great utility knife, which could be used as a tactical....
but DEFINETLY NOT my first choice for tactical (not that I really ever have a need, but just in case).
Another thing I will give this knife credit is it's smooth operation.

One small step for man, one giant leap for frogs, one mile for fleas
I have one and have to say that the handle feels much better than you'd expect from it's looks. And the action is smooooooooooth.

Many people seem not to like the blade design. I actually do. To me it has this kind of "modern vicious" looks
. And it is the tanto with hollow (NOT CHISEL!!) grind, so it cuts nicely and straight.

I don't carry it very often but I like it.


P.S. There were some threads about Vision here in the past.