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A fitting question?

Jun 10, 2001
I just did an Archives search on gaurd fitting. There was some info but not exactley what I need at this stage.

I am REALLY trying to get my fit down pat.

I have a large Bowie/camp knife I am working on and plan to Mirror polish it.
It will be getting a single Steel gaurd.
I have a filing jig made from O1 and that helps square up the gaurd.
Problem is it's 5160 (My favorite) and will get an oil quench. I have had problems in the past. After fitting the gaurd before heat treat, and then doing the cleanup afterward will make the gaurd lose the Airtight fit I am looking for!!!!
I am not a big fan of beating it into place since it will be getting a notch and pin (No glue).
Has anybody solved this dilemma?


I always do my guard fit up after the heat treat and final clean up that way I get a tight fit and don't have to worry about messing the fit up after I clean and hand rub the blade out.
This is Just my way and not the only way.

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Bob, do you mean you are heat treating the guard also??

Take care!! Michael

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