A Folder at Any Price-The Ultimate Knife

Jun 19, 1999
I'm looking for $130-$150 + folders, what do you all reccomend? For camping, hiking, outdoor work, all-around use, possibly defense-in general a good all-purpose knife that will hold it's edge and stand up to abuse? I tend to like them large, with one-hand opening, good steel, and a handle that will allow for a lot of use.

People have reccomended Mission, Cris Reeve, etc, but I like space-age handle materials like G-10, Kevlar, or Zytel, or their variations. Aluminum or steel are also preferable. I also prefer something with partial serrations. I guess I'm just looking for something big and high-tech.


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My opinion would be the new Spyderco StarMate. They have a winner there and it meets a lot of your criteria:
1. G-10 handle
2. Larger folder
3. COM440V...that's good steel
4. Quick one hand opening and closing
5. Easy carry knife but fairly large for a folder.

Price is way within your range.

Second choice to me would be the Spyderco Military. .


In that price range, I would recommend either a Microtech SOCOM MA or a SpyderCo Military model. There is nothing wrong with the BenchMade 710.
the Benchmade 710 is my first from them. I got a great deal on it and it is 1 of 1000 1st production run with black coating. It really satisfies the craving for something different! That Starmate is sounding good too. I could go back and get a satin-finish 710 for $119.00. Latch on.
Loks like you have a lot to choose from. Don't forget the REKAT Pioneer II, G-10 handles, tough lock and a choice of blade styles. Or a REKAT Carnivour, if you like your knives bigger and nastier.

All great suggestions. Don't forget the M-2 AFCK and the EDI Genesis I, in A-2 if that'll fit your price range.

If I were going for pure function, I'd get the Military... when personal preference gets involved, the AFCK. Maybe when I get my Starmate the answer will be different.


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Within your budget, you can get two Benchmade AFCKs, a very fine knife, and still have money left for a nice dinner.

I'll second some of the suggestions already made:

- Spyderco StarMate (If ya luv the Military, you'll love this knife which has been described as a "prettied up" military... same strong lockwork).
- EDI Genesis I - quite simply a great sports utility folder (I have one of the original 100 made and have an A2 and Talonite on order. I also was recently presented with a Genesis II... another great deal. Same blade and fixtures as the Model I sans G10 and a liner. This puppy is very strong despite the single liner design. Keep in mind that the Military, Starmate and many of the 5 year old Elishewitz Omega's are also single liners whose strength in unquestioned).
Roger that on the single liner. All the classic Benchmades are single liner (Leopard, Spike, Kodiak, Tsunami, the Brends) and while it's not perhaps as pretty, it gets the job done.

Can`t go wrong with the Starmate,the Carnivoir or the military.The best between these is the one that fits your hand most comfortably. Be Sharp
I would highly recommend the BM Stryker, I have one for basically the same reasons that you mentioned.
The Benchmade 710S should definitely be considered. Although I don't have the serrated version, this is the best all-around knife I've ever owned. Check out the reviews at Benchmade's website (www.benchmade.com). You'll find a lot of info on the 710, and it's soon to be released little brother the 705.