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A. G. Russel One Hand Knife

Sep 17, 2000
I’m considering the purchase of an A. G. Russell One Hand Knife. (Stag scales.)

I’ve never handled one and have only ever seen one or two. Does anyone have experience with this knife? In particular, how strong does it lock up and are there any problems with accidental unlocking?

Did the search thing but found nothing.

I have the lightweight model. The lock isn't the strongest one out there. Even a small amount of debris has caused the lock to slip. A deeper notch for the locking bar to fit into would be a big help. Would be an outstanding knife, otherwise.


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I just bought one last week with jigged bone scales, it's a very nice looking knife. I have been carrying it for about a week and it's still stiff, it's not the easiest to close. I don't see any problems with accidental closing, but there is some blade play, side to side not up and down. It's a little bigger than I imagined, but I still consider it to be a Gents knife. If you can get one for a good price you should enjoy it.


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I have had two of these for about eight years. I have a large one and a discontinued small one. I carried the large for about two years and have had no problems with it at all.

I would not even consider it a "tactical" due to the type of lock and the slimness of the handle. The one I have has no clip,(I don't know if you can get a clip or not) so it carries in the bottom of the pocket or in a pouch. The blade takes and keeps a good edge.

The small one came with a warning that due to the small size of the parts it had movement in the blade, if I didn't want it I could return it and it was not going to be made anymore. I chose to keep it in my collection.

They are both just plain stainless with no wood or bone on the handles however, I think that their appeal, for me, is due to the simpleness of their design.

The knife has a different "feel" to it and is a little diffficult to open and close at first. You will get an instruction sheet with directions on how to open and close it. Read them closly. It all has to do with where in your hand you place the knife. After you have had it for a while you will get the hang of it.

It's a nice knife. Get one and try it.

Thanks, CAL
I had one with ivory micarta scales. Really nice blade profile, great little utility piece. The blade would close under moderate, gradual closing pressure on the blade back. So the lock wasn't real great.
I was always under the impression that when holding this knife (and I should note that I don't own one), the pressure of one's hand on the lock helped to reinforce it, much like with an integral lock. Has anyone noticed this to be true?
The Original A.G Russell One Hand Knife was my 1st one handed knife utilizing a thumb stud. The handle was plain steel and I didn't care for it too much, too thin of a handle for my liking. When gripping it hard, the scales didn't make the hand feel too good!



Thanks for the input guys.

I'm going to have to get my hands on one of these and do some more research before taking the plunge.

They just look so darn cute with the stag scales and all.

I have a knife of the same design made for EdgeCo by an Italian maker. It has nice burl wood handles. It does take some getting used to the closing move, but the size and shape make it a very useful gent's knife. My lock has never accidentally closed, and it seems quite strong to me. It was my daily carry for a couple of years.

Daniel D.