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A.G. Russell Bird &Trout?

Sep 6, 1999
Could any one comment on the A.G. Russell Bird & Trout in ATS-34 or AUS8? I would like to know whether this would be a good robust knife for general use.

Thanks again.
I don't have the B&T but I have the Deerhunter in AUS8.....they appear similar in design and construct.
The Deerhunter is an excellent all-round knife......blade is a bit thin for prying but just right for all other regular knife uses....I am guessing the B&T will be just as good on a smaller scale.
The carry system is great......hang it anywhere.

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I think there was an article in last months "tactical knifes" magizine about bird and trout knifes. I think A.G. Russel was one of them. I don't have it anymore, but maybe someone else can tell you wich issue it was.
generallobster is right, robustness is not high up in the design criteria for the Bird and Trout. The emphasis is on incredible cutting performance, and that means a whisper thin blade and edge, just thick enough that it's not flexible. Ergonomics and carryability are also strong suits of the B&T and Deerhunter (the B&T's bigger brother). Keep in mind the B&T is a smaller knife, so if you've got big hands you might want to pass it up altogether for the Deerhunter.

If robustness is what you want, with a general hunting-blade shape, maybe the Fallkniven or CS Master Hunter are worth a look. If incredible cutting ability is what you want, do check out the B&T & Deerhunter.