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A.G. Russell going forward with multiple alloy Deer Hunters

Apr 27, 1999
I just got off the phone with AG Russell. He extends his thanks to all the forum members who contributed suggestions for new alloys to try in his Deer Hunter fixed blade knife*. He has gone ahead and proposed VG-10 and D-2 to the contractor who has been making his 8A and ATS-34 alloy variants. He expects to receive stock of VG-10, D-2, and ATS-34 models within about 6 months (he currently only has the 8A model in stock). These premium alloy variants will be manufactured in relatively small lots, so be ready to pounce when they arrive.

This variety of alloys will provide an unusual opportunity for knife knuts to compare alloy performance in a common thin blade profile. He doesn't expect a real high premium for VG-10 or D-2 verses his modest ATS-34 price. The Deer Hunter design is really a great game processing design. In D-2 at a modest price it should be outstanding! I plan on getting one of each alloy (yes, I know I have a problem).

AG also said that he has a couple US-made "tactical" variants in the works. These will be full tang 154CM blades with G10 handle scales that fit in the Deer Hunter sheaths. He plans to add some extra carry options for the sheath. There will be a tanto blade model and a spear point model with unsharpened swedge. These models will definitely cost more due to smaller volumes and US manufacture, but they may be available sooner than his standard Japanese source.

*see my previous thread where AG solicited alloy suggestions.


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Thank you for the update, Jeff. I have one in ATS-34. I can't wait to try D-2.