A.G. Russell Sting

Oct 14, 1998
I was hoping somebody here might be able to give me some idea of the approximate value of an A.G. Russell Sting IA, dated 1977, in mirror finish, near mint. Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards--Shades
While you guys are at it, I've got one of the polished, gold inlayed models (oak leaves in the blade) - any idea what that might go for today? Thanks!
In the last issue of the Cutting Edge, there were 2 stings, both like new (if i remember correctly), Rosewood Scales, $125.

I have one, but cant find it!! Seems somone may have liked it more than i did!! Think i paid $40 for about 15 years ago.

The last issue of the Cutting Edge had a couple of stings. Both wood handles(rosewood?), new condition for $125.

Ive tried to post this a few times, so it may be redundant.